Top Tips for TSS 482 Visa Australia

Top Tips for TSS 482 Visa Australia

Do you aspire to live and work in Australia? If the reply is yes, then apply for the TSS 482 Visa Australia right now. With this visa, you can reside and work in Australia for a certain time-frame. Besides, you can work under an employer sponsored by the Australian Immigration Department. Until recently, this visa has replaced the 457 visa. But, getting aware of just the basic details of the TSS 482 Visa is not just enough. There are several nitty-gritty details that you need to become aware of. With that said, given below are some essential tips conforming to which you can procure the aforesaid visa in a hassle-free manner.

1. Become a permanent Australian resident

If you are the holder of the medium stream visa pertaining to the TSS 482 Visa, then you can become a permanent resident of Australia. You can do this quite effortlessly through the means of the temporary transition ENS and RSMS. This implies that you need to work with your concerned employer for the next three years without opting for a leave period in between. By doing so you will be able to apply for permanent residency in Australia in a hassle freeway.

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2. Expect an expensive living standard

While working and living in Australia through the means of the TSS 482 Visa, you may witness a higher living standard. This means that the monetary amounts which you need to pay on every expense would be a bit higher as compared to other Australian dwellers. For instance, the health insurance policy which you have purchased may not cover certain facilities like delivery or birth of a newly born child in Australia. Besides, if you give birth to a baby in Australia while being the holder of the TSS 482 Visa, you have to bear exorbitant costs. This implies that you will have to pay additional medical costs applicable for an overseas dweller which usually amounts to an astronomical sum.

3. Never miss out on a single document

When it comes to complying with the TSS 482 Visa conditions, you need to tread a fine line. The reason is this particular visa is quite susceptible to refusal even for the miss of a single document. This does not mean that you need to provide a set of exclusive or out of the box documents. All you need to do is just submit all the required documents online while applying for the same.

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4. Two years of work experience is a must

As a matter of fact, the Temporary Skill shortage TSS 482 Visa has come up with a new work experience requirement for its fellow clients. Most of the occupations in Australia are related to trade and for the posts of the program or project coordinator. This implies that a 2 years experience is a must for all the applicants to preside over any of these occupations prior to applying for the same.

5. You must be paid a reasonable emolument

The salary which you are being paid by your Australian employer must be above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT). The reason behind this is until recently the annual market remuneration has replaced the erstwhile salary range specified for the 457 visa. According to the TSMIT, your annual salary must be 53,900 and not less than that. Hence, you need to take this point into consideration while working under your concerned Australian employer.

6. The job requirement must be genuine

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has come up with stringent rules and regulations applicable for the TSS 482 Visa. There is actually a very compelling reason behind this. The reason is many applicants are unable to display the genuine proficiency required for the applied occupation. Hence, prior to applying for this particular visa, think several times. Deliberate upon the fact that whether you have the zeal to preside over your applied occupation at all or not.

7. Compliance with training needs

Earlier in the case of the 457 visa the applicants only were required to comply with the training levels of A and B duly. But now the scene has completely changed. Henceforth, the fellow employer will need to make a monetary contribution to the skilling Australia fund. This requires the employer to pay the nominated training contribution cost to the skilling Australia fund. The amount which the employer needs to pay varies according to certain criteria like the substantiality and importance of the visa.

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8. Sponsorship obligation requirements

The Australian immigration department has laid down certain sponsorship obligations which both the employers and the visa holder needs to abide by. Some of these TSS 482 Visa requirements can be considered as follows:
Conditions for the employer
• The employer must keep track of both his/her current and erstwhile business records.
• The employer must deploy the applicant for the nominated position in the proper and expected way.
Conditions for the visa holder
• You must be nominated by a sponsored employer approved by the Australian Immigration Department.
• A number of occupations belonging to the occupation list are applicable to certain work rights. If you do not comply with these work rights, your employer has the right to the Department of Home Affairs.

9. You need to qualify in the labor market testing

While applying for the TSS 482 Visa, you need to comply with certain requirements for the labor market testing.
• You will have to mention the salary for the position posted in the advertisement.
• The vacancy ad must be posted consistently for the next 21 days.
• You need to post the ad at least across two platforms.

10. The application stages have remained unchanged

The employer must be approved as a business sponsor by the Department of Home Affairs. Then he/she can post an ad across any platform for the required position. This basically includes three basic stages, the visa application, nomination and that of sponsorship. Both you and your employer have to comply with three stages of application duly which were equally applicable to the visa 457 before.

Final thoughts!

So, why waiting any longer? Apply for the TSS 482 visa right now with Immigration Agent Perth and make your dream come true to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.

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