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Visitor Visa Visa

Visitor Visa Definition

The experience of tripping to Australia is something to be admired for lifetime. So, if you have decided to travel to Australia for leisure, short-term study or work, visit friends, medical treatment or address conferences than you can apply for Visitor Visa Australia.

The candidates must hold valid Australian Visa if they wish to visit the country no matter for how long they wish to stay in Australia. Depending on the needs of applicants such as length of stay, location, passport and reason of the visit,Visitor Visa Australia has four different categories to choose. Select the right kind of visa as per your requirements and fulfill the eligibility criteria and comply with the visa rules and regulations.

It is very important to know the conditions of the visa before entering into the country to maintain the lawful living status in Australia during short stay.

Categories of Visitor Visa:

Applicants from outside of Australia with a valid passport can apply for the following Visitor Visa streams

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Visitor Visa 600 allows the applicants to travel to Australia as a tourist, visit friend or family, business purposes for short term stay. The short-term stay can be three, six or twelve months.

Individuals from people’s republic of China on a tour to Australia can also apply for this visa.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601

Electronic Travel Authority Visa 601 holders are allowed to enter Australia with a motive of business or tourism activities any number of times for a period of 1 year from the day it is approved. This visa entitles to stay in Australia for maximum of 3 months at a time. The applicant has to be outside of Australia while lodging an application for this visa.

eVisitor Subclass 651

eVisitor 651 is a free visa which permits to visit Australia as a tourist or for business programs. This visa remains valid for 1 years and one can stay in Australia for maximum of 3 months every visit.

Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visa

This is a temporary visa for patients to travel to Australia for medical treatment or consultation. The people with medical condition can stay in Australia until their treatment plan finishes. Subclass 602 visa is also available for the individuals who wish to donate an organ or travel along with the organ donor or the patient who needs their support while treatment course.

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