Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482

The temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 is an Australian visa that permits an employer to sponsor a skilled worker from a different country so that he or she can fill the space, for which the employer is unable to find an Australian skilled worker. The applicant who is applying for a 482 visa must know the English language. The applicant needs to be nominated by a sponsor and he or she needs to have the right skill so that the work can be done.

There are 4 categories in a TSS visa and they are Short-term stream, subsequent entrant, labour agreement stream, and medium-term stream. With this visa, the applicant is allowed to work in the country for 2 years and if the International Trade Obligation (ITO) permits then the applicant can continue doing the work for 2 more years.

There is no restriction on the number of times an applicant wishes to travel in and out of the country during this period. With a Short-term stream and medium-term stream visa, the employer can reduce the labour shortage in the country by hiring skilled workers from other countries. The labour agreement stream visa applies to people who are being nominated by those who are having a labour agreement. The Subsequent entrant visa is applied to the family members of those applicants who are a holder of a TSS visa or a visa 457 and now they are applying for a TSS visa separately. It will help them in joining the primary visa holder who is holding a TSS visa or Subclass 457 and is residing in the country. The Migration Agent Perth is there to help the applicants who wish to apply for a TSS visa to come and work in the country. These experts will extend exceptional support in the entire visa application procedure!

What Subclass 482 Visa Lets You Do In Australia?

The applicant has ample opportunities that he or she can enjoy after having a subclass 482 visa and the benefits of attaining a 482 visa are stated below:

  • If the applicant wishes to study in the country then he or she is free to do that but he or she will not receive any government assistance.
  • The applicant is permitted to work in the country until the validity of a TSS visa.
  • Moving in and out of the country is possible with a visa subclass 482 as many times as the applicant wants to.
  • If the applicant wishes to apply for permanent residency, then he or she can do it during his or her residing period in the country.

482 Visa Requirements

Certain 482 visa requirements need to be attained while applying. The application form will not be accepted if he or she misses out on the single requirement of a visa 482. The requirements of the TSS visa are communicated below:

  • There is no age requirement that the applicant needs to maintain while applying for visa 482.
  • The applicant must be a visa holder such as a Bridging visa A or a substantive visa or a bridging visa C or a bridging visa B. He or she must comply with the terms and conditions of the visa that he or she is holding before applying for a TSS visa.
  • The applicant must meet the health, skill, and character requirements and must also have adequate health insurance when applying for a 482 visa.
  • The applicant must meet “Standard English Language Proficiency” before applying and must have required qualifications, skills as well as employment background to work in this field.
  • The applicant needs to sign the Australian value statement that states that he or she will respect the law and order of the country while staying in the country.
  • The applicant must not have a previous visa application refused or cancelled and must not have any debt under the Australian Government with his or her name.
  • Eligibility Criteria For Visa 482

    • Age requirement

    There are no age requirements that need to be maintained while applying for a TSS 482 visa.

    • Nomination Details

    An applicant needs to be nominated by an employer and the details of the nomination need to be submitted.

    • Visa Holder

    An applicant needs to hold either of one visa such as a Bridging visa A or a substantive visa or a Bridging visa C or a Bridging visa B except for a Labour agreement stream visa.

    • Complied the conditions of the previous visa

    Except for a labour agreement stream visa, an applicant needs to comply with the visa conditions that he or she is holding.

    • Meeting the health and character requirements

    The candidate needs to qualify the health and character requirements that are stated by the visa authority.

    • Work under an employer or a labour agreement

    An applicant who is applying for subclass 482 must work under an employer and for a Labour agreement stream visa, he or she needs to work under a labour agreement.

    • Having adequate health insurance

    An applicant needs to have adequate health insurance so that he or she is not dependent on the healthcare of Australia in case of medical help.

    • Signing the Australian value statement

    An applicant along with his or her family members, who are applying for a visa 482, needs to sign an Australian value statement that states that he or she will respect the law and order of the country.

    • Clear the debts

    If an applicant has any amount registered with his or her name under the Australian government then he or she needs to clear the amount or make a provision for it before applying for a Visa 482.

    • Previous visa status

    If an applicant has applied for a visa 482 in the past then his or her application form must not have been rejected or cancelled in the past.

    • The requirement of the English language

    Except for individuals who are applying for a Subsequent entrant visa, he or she must meet “Standard English Language Proficiency” while applying for the visa.

    • Have required qualification, skill and employment background

    An applicant who is applying for a Short-Term and Medium-Term Visa must have the required qualification, skill, and employment background when he or she is applying for a 482 visa.

    • Have a positive skill assessment

    An applicant who is applying for a short-term and medium-term visa must meet the required skill assessment when he or she is applying for this visa.

    • Work for 2 years in the nominated field

    An applicant must work in the nominated field for at least 2 years except for labour agreement or subsequent entrant.

    • A Genuine Applicant

    An applicant must be a genuine visitor who is entering the country to reside and work with a short term visa as well as must be a “genuine temporary entrant”.

    • Have a parent or partner who is a holder of TSS visa

    An applicant who is applying for a Subsequent entrant visa must either have his or her parents or partner holding a TSS visa.

    482 Visa Processing Time

    A few factors upon which the 482 visa processing time is dependent and that are whether the details in the application form has been correctly entered or not, how much time the visa authority will take to process the application form, the details that are required to verify the visa has been submitted by the applicant or not, etc. The estimated time that is required to process a subclass 482 is stated below.

    Name of the VisaProcessing Time
    Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 48275% applications90% applications
    Short-Term Stream36 Days61 Days
    Medium-Term Stream33 Days49 Days
    Labour Agreement Stream21 Days39 Days
    Subsequent EntrantNot mentionedNot mentioned

    TSS 482 Visa Checklist

    An applicant should maintain a TSS 482 visa checklist to eliminate the errors that he or she can make while filling the details in the visa application form. If the applicant wants to receive the visa without being cancelled or rejected then the checklist will help her or him in doing that. The process of how to make a checklist for 482 TSS visa is stated below:

    • Before applying

    The applicant needs to check what the things required to be submitted are, such as health and character requirements, relevant skill tests, etc.

    • Gathering the documents

    The applicant needs to attain the visa details that he or she is holding, such as positive skill tests, health insurance, nomination details, identity cards, etc.

    • While applying for subclass 482

    The applicant needs to apply for a visa 482 online.

    • After applying

    The applicant needs to wait until he or she receives a confirmation saying that the application form has been received by the visa authority. If the authority is in need of any details regarding the details that are submitted by the applicant then he or she will be informed about it and he or she needs to submit the details at the earliest. If the details are not submitted then the application form will get cancelled or refused.

    • Sanction of the visa

    If the visa application form gets accepted then the details regarding the visa will be informed to the applicant such as details of the visa, conditions of the visa, grant number, etc. If the visa application gets rejected then the reason for rejection of the application form will be informed to the applicant but the processing fee will not be refunded.

    We, the Migration Agent Perth, have helped a lot of aspiring people who were nominated and were looking for a TSS 482 visa. We make sure that our clients do not come across any problem while attaining the eligibility clauses. If an applicant wishes to apply for a 482 visa, he or she can get in touch with us. We will make sure the entire application process is executed perfectly!

General FAQs For TSS 482 Visa

A TSS 482 visa Australia permits an applicant to come and work in the country who is sponsored by their employer and who must have the necessary skills to carry out the work.

An applicant is eligible to apply for visa 482 only if he or she can qualify the necessary requirements. He or she also needs to be successfully nominated by the sponsor.

With visa subclass 482, an applicant is allowed to apply for PR on satisfying certain attached conditions.

The TSS visa 482 is valid for 4 years.

Yes, an applicant can switch company on subclass 482 but there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed.

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