Top Tips for Employer Sponsored Visa 186

Top Tips for Employer Sponsored Visa 186

Australia welcomes flurry of overseas residents every year who come either for the purpose of work or study or maybe both. The Visa 186 can assist you in this regard if you are willing to both study and work in Australia. With Visa 186, you can stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time while working and studying an academic program at the same time. You will have the liberty to travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for a time-frame of 5 years. Below given are a few effective tips and ideas, conforming to which you can make the best use of the visa 186 and make your dream come true of studying and working in Australia as well.

1. Apply for a permanent citizenship

If you want to make your dream come true of becoming a permanent resident in Australia, then the subclass Visa 186 visa must your ultimate choice. The reason is with this visa you can apply for a permanent residency in Australia without undergoing any sort of formal procedure at all. Once your visa has been approved, you will instantly become the permanent resident of Australia in an effortless manner. Your permanent citizenship in Australia will commence from the day you will arrive there while flying all the way from any other country which can include your own home country as well.

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2. Get detailed information about the cost

You cannot apply for the Employer-Sponsored Visa 186 unless and until you have thorough knowledge about its cost. As a matter of fact, the cost of the 186 visa amount to a reasonable sum of AUD 4,045 which you won’t find difficult to pay at all. Besides, you will get the liberty to pay the cost of your in two consecutive installments. The first installment comprises 20% of the total amount which you need to pay at the time of lodging your visa. The second installment comprises 80% of the total amount which you need to pay only after your visa has been approved. Apart from you, if any of your family members are applying for this particular visa, then each of them will be charged an amount of AUD 4,890 separately apart from your visa application.

3. Compliance with Australian laws

After your Visa 186 has been approved and you have arrived in Australia, both you and your family members need to comply with the various rules and regulations in Australia. This implies that while you are staying in Australia through the means of this visa, you need to abide by each of the Australian laws duly in relation to the Visa 186 followed by each of your family members.

4. How long does it take to process?

Well, as you already know that the subclass Visa 186 is comprised of two different categories, namely the Temporary Residency Transition stream as well as the Direct Entry Stream. Each of these categories requires the following time for your visa to get processed.

• Temporary Residency Transition Stream:

Depending on the fact that whether you have submitted all the necessary documents to your concerned visa department and depending on its level of complexity, this visa category may take 12-18 months at the most. The duration may at times vary to a great extent if your application is found with any documental discrepancies.

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• Direct Entry Stream:

The same time-frame is applicable for this particular visa category as well. Depending upon the complexity as well as the submission of the documents it does not take more than 12-18 months. However, the duration may vary to a great extent if the submission of documents is found to be inadequate or due to any discrepancies in them. Most of the business visas get processed quickly due to the substantial business needs they show and super-fast visa processing sessions they demand.
Besides all these, your visa application procedure may get delayed if you don’t pay the required application cost on time. On the other hand, if the submission of your documents is on time without any flaw or discrepancy in it along with the proper visa charge, then your visa will get processed within the expected period of time.

5. Proficiency in the English language is a must

If you want to get your Employer Nomination Scheme SubclassVisa 186 visa approved in the proper and expected way, then you need to qualify in a comprehensive English language test held by your concerned visa department. This can be either in the form of PTE or the IELTS examination. Both of these are point-based tests and you need to score 6 for each of the 4 aspects in the case of IELTS and 50 for each of the 4 aspects in case of the PTE examination respectively.

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6. You must crack the positive skills assessment test duly

One of the most essential Visa 186 Conditions is qualifying in the concerned positive skills test conducted by your concerned skills assessment authority. If you are applying for the visa 186 under the Direct Entry Stream, then you need to meet this particular criterion successfully. For that, you need to get in contact with a substantial skills assessment authority. Subsequently, you need to pay them the charges required to undergo the positive skills assessment session. Once you have undergone your skills assessment test successfully, it will help in proving your compatibility with your chosen occupation and how much apt you are in presiding over a post in relation to it.

Choose the best Migration Agent in Perth

Well, if you want to apply for your Visa 186 in a hassle-free manner, then an adept Migration Agent Perth WA can definitely help you in this regard. Right from preparing the correct documents to that of explaining each of the application processes along with their nitty-gritty details, your Migration Agent Perth will do everything on your behalf. Hence, the entire visa application procedure will become quite easy and simple for you. So, get in touch with the best Visa Consultant Perth and work and study in Australia as long as you want.

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