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Employer Sponsored Visa

Employer Sponsored Visa Definition

The Non-Australian skilled workers who wish to work in Australia can make their dream come true through Employer Sponsored Visa. As per your interest and eligibility you may live either temporarily or permanently with this visa in Australia.

Candidates with significant qualification and working experience become eligible to apply for Employer Sponsored Visa Australia.

Three categories fall under this visa--TSS (subclass 482), 186 Employer Sponsored Visa or the Regional 187 Employer Sponsored Visa.

Candidates who are definite about applying for this visa are required to undertake the visa assessment test to identify the most appropriate visa according to their business position. Look for the temporary or permanent work visas in Australia if you are planning to get employed

The categories of Employer sponsored visa are as under:

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482)

Temporary skill shortage visa is for the nominated skilled workers from outside of Australia. With this visa the applicants are allowed to migrate to Australia and undertake work. The basic aim of this visa is to fulfil the positions of Labour shortage.

Nomination by an authorized organization is mandatory for the applicants who wish to apply for temporary work visa. They must also accomplish the skill assessment test if required

Employer Nomination Visa subclass 186 (Permanent)

Non-Australian skilled workers are allowed to migrate to Australia permanently with Employer Nomination Visa Subclass 186. The sponsored candidates can apply for Direct Entry, Temporary Residence Transition or the Labour Agreement Stream.

For ENS visa confirmation the candidates are required to fulfill the basic health and character traits along with a nomination by an approved Australian employer.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Subclass 187 (Permanent)

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa entitles the skilled workers to move to Australia and work in the country permanently. Furthermore, applicants can apply for the Direct Entry Stream or Temporary Residence Transition Stream. Candidates are also required to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the visa stream they wish to apply and meet the basic health character and English language requirements.

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