Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300

The prospective marriage visa subclass 300 is an Australian visa that allows the applicant to come to the country so that he or she can marry their respective spouses. The candidate needs to be sponsored by their spouse so that they can come to Australia and marry them till the validity of the subclass 300 visa gets over. For the stipulated time, the visa 300 also permits the applicant to work in the country. The visa will be granted to the applicant who is above 18 years. With 300 visas, you will be able to reside in Australia for 9 months and after marrying you can also apply for partner visa. It allows the applicant to register for any course which can be completed within the specified time and he or she should be able to sponsor the course.

The 300 visa is a temporary visa and it allows the applicant to travel in and out of the country as many times as he or she wishes to. A person is eligible to register for visa 300 if he or she is not married or engaged or in a de-facto relationship before applying. The validity period of the visa will start from the day it is granted and it also permits you to include your family member as well. Your family member also gets an opportunity to visit the country with you. When you are applying for the visa 300, you need to make sure that you are outside Australia. The visa will not be permitted if you are inside the country and applying for it. To apply for the visa 300, the registered migration agent Perth is there who will help you in explaining the rules and regulations of the visa so that it gets sanctioned.

What 300 Visa Lets You Do In Australia?

The subclass 300 visa is a prospective marriage visa which is awarded to those people who wish to move to the country to get married with their beloved partners. To register for the visa, the applicant will need a sponsorship from his or her future partner which will be examined by the ministry. The benefits of 300 visas are structured below.

  • After the 300 visa is granted, you will be able to reside in the country for 9 months and after getting married you can apply for a partner visa.
  • Under the Australian Government, the person will also be able to work and continue with their studies. But the expenses that are associated while studying should be taken up by the applicant.
  • You can travel to the country as many times as you want during this period. You will not face any question while coming and going from the country until the visa is valid.
  • The 300 visa also permits you to register for a partner visa after getting married.

For any details regarding visa 300, you can definitely take the help of the migration agent in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa 300 Requirements

The list of documents that are communicated below will help you in understanding the prospective marriage visa requirements. You should take extra care while looking at the requirements as these are proofs that you need to present to the visa authority along with your visa application form when you are applying. The subclass 300 Australia visa will only be granted to you after the documents are properly checked. The requirements for visa 300 are listed below.

  • The nomination proof needs to be submitted by the applicant.
  • If any debt is registered with your partner’s name or your name under the Australian government then he or she needs to clear the amount first or make a provision for the amount.
  • The agreement which states about the Australian value statement needs to be signed by the applicant.
  • The person who is sponsoring the applicant should be the same with whom the applicant is going to get married.
  • If the candidate wishes to pursue any further studies then he or she needs to submit all the required qualification details for that.
  • For studying the applicant needs to submit the details of the finances.
  • There should not be any record of visa application form for visa 300 being canceled or refused.
  • The applicant should provide evidence that says that health, as well as character requirements, are attained.
  • The age certificate needs to be presented by the applicant.

Eligibility Criteria for Visa 300

For qualifying for subclass 300 visa, there are certain specific factors which need to be accomplished before applying for the visa. The eligibility criteria for the visa 300 are listed below. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements before you apply for visa 300.

  • Best interest of the children

The visa 300 will only be granted if it is in the best interest of the children who are below 18 years.

  • Status of the previous visa

If you have applied for the same visa before and if it has got canceled then you need to check the cancellation effects.

  • Clearing the outstanding amount

If your partner or you have any amount that is registered under the Australian government then the amount needs to be cleared. If you are not able to clear then you need to ensure that you are making a provision for it.

  • Details of the sponsorship

The applicant needs to have his or her stay sponsored by their respective partner who is residing in the country. This proof need to be submitted while you are applying.

  • Character and the health requirements

The health as well as the character requirements need to be matched as per the conditions that are mentioned by the visa authority.

  • The Perfect Age

The applicant who is applying for the visa should be above 18 years.

  • Sign the Statement

The Australian value statement needs to be signed by the applicant before entering the country. The statement says that you will respect the law and order of the country for the time span for which you are residing in the country.

Prospective Marriage Visa 300 Checklist

The subclass 300 visa Australia application form should be free from any errors as well as it should contain the required details for the visa. The best way to ensure whether you are attaining all the important details is by maintaining a prospective marriage visa checklist. The checklist will help you in reminding what the things are that you should submit so that the visa gets sanctioned. The checklist of visa 300 is discussed below.

  • Before Applying

There are certain things that you need to achieve before you are applying for subclass 300 such as health exam test, character test, etc.

  • Collecting the Documents

All the documents such as identity documents, character documents, relationship details with the prospective spouse, age certificate, sponsorship details, etc needs to be collected.

  • Applying for Visa 300

When you apply for prospective marriage visa, you need to ensure that you are outside the country and you should apply online.

  • After Applying

After you have applied for visa 300, you need to wait for the confirmation regarding the visa. They will let you know about the visa after the application form has been received by them. You can check the details about it through ImmiAccount. If any further details are required by the authority then they will state about this in the website and you need to submit the details at the earliest and after submitting you need to wait for their response.

  • Outcome of Visa 300

If the application form gets accepted, then you will receive the details of the visa such as the date of the visa, grant number, for how long it is valid, and also the conditions of the visa. While traveling to the country, ensure that you are carrying a copy with you which are having all these details. If the visa applications get rejected then the reason for rejection of the visa will be informed to you. They will also let you know whether you have the right to review it or not. But the application fee will not be refunded if it gets rejected.

Visa Subclass 300 Processing Time

There are certain factors which are to be considered while arriving at the processing time. Generally if your application form for subclass 300 is correctly filled then the processing time will be less. Submitting an incomplete form will consume more time. The visa authority also needs some time to validate the details that you have submitted. The table below will give you an idea about prospective marriage visa processing time.

Name of the VisaProcessing Time
Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 30075% applications90% applications
18 Months24 Months

Starting from the initial stage to the final stage of receiving the visa, we the immigration agent Perth, will definitely help our clients who are looking for it. The subclass 300 visa is a great opportunity to visit your partner who is residing in the country. We are always there to help our clients in case of an advice. Get in touch with us and our education consultants for further information.

General FAQs For 300 Visa Australia

The prospective marriage visa 300 permits the applicant to come to Australia and marry their partners and then he or she is eligible to apply for a partner visa.

The 300 visa Australia is applicable for those who wish to marry their partner who is residing in Australia and he or she should be above 18.

For subclass 300, it has been found that 75% of the applications were granted in 18 months and 90% of the applications are granted in 24 months.

The cost of a subclass 300 visa is AUD 7,715.

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