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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa Definition

Do you want to experience life in Australia but haven’t decided yet if you want to stay here for good? The news that will go well with everyone is, you can still make it happen without having to worry about the legalities of being in this country even just for a while. With a Working Holiday Visa, the individual is entitled to casual work rights like the extended stay accompanied by work in Australia for up to 2 years. The Working Holiday Visa Australia is for young individuals aged 18 but and below 31 years old who desire to spend the holiday and work in this country for up to one year.

Applicants can stay in Australia for a year; work forgenerally six months with every employer

The applicants must fulfil the basic requirements of the Working Holiday Visa along with the health and character requirements. They must also hold a valid visa from an eligible country to apply for this Australian visa.

Categories of Working Holiday Visa:

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

To apply for Subclass 417 Visa, it is important that you provide the necessary documents to validate your claims as mentioned in your visa application. This visa entitles the young applicants to holiday and work in Australia for a period of one year. Candidates with passport from an eligible country are applicable to apply for this visa. Upon visa grant they can travel any number of times, in and out of Australia.

Work and Holiday Visa subclass 462

If you wish to go for a holiday in Australia or work, Work and Holiday visa subclass 462is for you. This visa type encourages the cultural exchange and strengthen the bond between Australia and other countries.The candidates between 18-31 years of age can apply for this visa however they must not have a dependent child with them. You may also study for up to 4 months in the country with this visa.

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