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Apply for Australian Investor Visa in Perth

How to get Investor Visa for Australia

Investor Visa Australia is available for the applicants who wish to establish a new or run an existing business in the country. To get the visa approval you must provide the acceptable evidence of owning and managing a business in Australia for at least two years. This is a permanent visa which allows you to live, work and study in Australia indefinitely.

Categories of Student visas:

Investor Visa Subclass 891

Investor Visa 891 holders are allowed to live in Australia indefinitely. You are required to be in Australia on Investor Provisional Subclass 162 visa to apply for 891 visas. It is a permanent resident visa and to get the approval you must fulfill all the character and business requirements. You may travel in and out of Australia once you get the visa permission.

State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa Subclass 893

An individual who holds a state or territory government sponsorship can apply for Investor Visa 893. You may only apply for this visa if you have been living in Australia primarily on subclass 165 visa and for visa to be approved you must show your interest and commitment to a profitable business in Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 188 (Provisional)

Investment Visa Subclass 188 enables the applicants to own and manage a business in Australia under the Business Innovation Stream. To apply for this provisional visa, it is mandatory to get sponsored by the state or territory authority. Also, the applicants are required to fulfill the health, character and business requirements of the relevant stream they wish to apply for

Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 888 (Permanent)

Applicants who wish to apply for permanent Investor Visa 888 have to provide adequate proof of their entrepreneurial activities. Once you get the visa confirmation you get the authorization to run a business in Australia. This visa requires you to have been nominated by the state or territory government agency. You must have been living in Australia on Subclass 444 visa to lodge an application for this visa.

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