Requirements for Temporary Skills Shortage visa subclass 482 

Requirements for Temporary Skills Shortage visa subclass 482 

The TSS visa subclass 482 is only applicable to those experienced people who want to travel and work in Australia for a limited time. TSS 482 visas give an opportunity to do work up to 4 years in Australia and the best part is your family person can work as well as study here in these 4 years. 

How TSS 482 Visa works? 

The aspirant has to satisfy some condition. If you intend to know more about these requirements then have a look at the points mentioned below. 

  • Make sure you’re funded by a verified employer. 

  • You have to nominate for an occupation by verified employers. 

  • Proper health insurance 

  • You should have a basic education or qualification. 

  • Make sure you know English very well. 

If you are fulfilling the above requirement then congratulation you are eligible for TSS visa 482

Skills Assessment 

It is a common criterion for any applicant who holds overseas qualifications must be at the level of Australian education. 

Do I need to be in Australia to apply for this visa? Who can be incorporated on my visa application? 

No, you don’t have to be a citizen of Australia; you can apply for this visa either outside or inside of Australia. 

You can incorporate any relatives, for example, partner or children (dependent). 

Age limit for TSS visa 482:

You’ll feel lucky that there is no age criterion. But if you are under a special occupation then you can apply after the three years of working for the same owner. 

But you will under the age of 44 at the time of lodging your PR. 

Fees for Visa Subclass 482

If you are selected for MLT SSL or ROL occupation then $2400 for main and as well as for partners (the partners should be aged of 18 or over). And $600 for each child of age less than 18. 

If you are occupied under STSOL, then you have to pay $1000 or even more of the main person and for partners and $300 approximately for each child under 18. 

Streams of TSS visa 482

There are three streams in Temporary skill’s shortage visa. As an applicant, you have to satisfy the requirements of the applying streams. 

Your role and location will tell you in which streams you will work. 

1. Short term stream 

The workers who fall in this category can stay up to 2 years or 4years. 

2. Medium term stream 

This is for those workers, who are the source of highly skilled overseas workers, and they can work up to 4 years and the best part of they can live forever in Australia after completing three years. 

3. Labour Agreement Stream 

Under this category, only those workers can apply who have a labour agreement.  

4. Work background for TSS 482 

TSS 482 Visa applicants require a minimum of two years of work experience in a particular work or the skill they have. 

What type of work experience is demanded in TSS Visa 482?

The more experience you have they more you’ll get. 

Part time-work is part of work experience. 

If you are a member of a research team or masters and a Ph.D. holder will be taken as an experience. 

If you had done any internships or training, it will consider as an experience. 

School annual fees and giving birth 

TSS 482 holders should know that if they want to enrol their children in schools, they might charge an extra amount, $5000 for a primary student per year and $6000 per higher secondary student. 

You have to take care of one more thing that health insurance never covers charges of delivery or birth if you are working in Australia as a temporary worker. You have to pay the full amount. 

Processing time 

The processing time is not fixed, it may vary according to your skills assessment and in which streams you applied. 

What occurs after I present my TSS 482 visa application? 

Your application will be checked by the case officer, they will check the all necessary details and documents, like I’d, character certificate, health certificate and, etc. 

Make sure you submit all the necessary documents because once he/she rejected, he/she will not request any further information.  

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