Australia’s Skilled Visa Program – Things You Should Know

Australia’s Skilled Visa Program – Things You Should Know

Do you love the Australian culture? Do you have dreams to live and work in Australia too? The Department of Home affairs can make your dream come true. You may be able to work in Australia and live among the Australians and enjoy the culture of Australia too. The Skilled Migration program of Australia can help you get access to a skilled visa and work in Australia if you prove your skills of being able to work in Australia with a skilled visa subclass.

The Australia Skilled Migration program is basically intended for those people who are under 45 years of age and are highly skilled with the ability to provide a quick contribution to the Australian economy. The Skilled Migration Australia program is a way through which the migrants adding significance to the Australian economy are attracted to migrate to Australia. Through the Skilled Migration Australia program, a great amount of workforce participates in the sectors in which there are a less number of skilled people in Australia hence attracting skilled people to work in Australia.

There are different categories of Skilled Visa Australia according to the various circumstances and requirements. You need to fulfil the basic Australia Skilled Migration requirements to able to apply for a skilled worker in Australia.
The Skilled migration list Australia 2019 visas are:

For visa subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa the requirements are:

  • Must possess a skill or an occupation that is listed on the approved occupations for skilled migration list
  • While you make an application for visa subclass 189, you must be less than 50 years in age
  • You must be having an English language threshold
  • You must pass the points test
  • If you think, you meet the requirements for visa subclass 189, apply with us now.


With an Australian Sponsored Visa subclass 489:

  • You can apply for an Australian Skilled visa on fulfilment of basic requirements that also includes fulfilment of the points test requirement.
  • You may have your relatives living in any state, city or territory of Australia.
  • You must be sponsored by an eligible relative who is a parent, a non-dependent child, a sister, a brother or aunt or uncle of the applicant.

Skilled Overseas Student Visas Subclass 885, 886 and 487:

  • If you are an international student and successfully completed an Australian tertiary qualification, then you can apply for remaining in Australia as a permanent resident with the visa subclass 885, 886 and 487.
  • The requirements to get access to these skilled migration visa subclass are:
    • The application should be made while the former student is in Australia

    • You must have completed a qualification in English medium in the last 6 months from an Australian Institution that lasted for at least 2 years.

    • The qualification attained must have added positive skills in the candidate when assessed by the Australian authority

    • The qualification or occupation must be listed in the Skills Occupation List.

    • The skills migration requirements must be met by the applicant and he/she should be less than 45 years in age while making the applications

What is Graduate Skilled Visa Subclass 485?

With a Graduate Skilled Visa, you can ascertain skilled work experience or improve the skills of your English language and will be allowed to stay in Australia for 18 months even if you are unable to gain access to a permanent General Skilled Migration visa. You need to attend a General skilled migration test in which you must achieve the pass mark which will let you apply for the Australian permanent residency.


Know about 885 Independent Overseas Student Visa:

With a Visa subclass 885, you can apply for a permanent residency in Australia if you complete a course study in Australia and are a holder of a particular Australian temporary visa. The points test requirements need to be fulfilled to attain access to this visa along with the Australian labour market characteristics required.

What do you know about Australian visa subclass 886 Australian sponsored Residence Overseas Student visa?

Just like subclass 885 visa, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia with a subclass 886 visa too if you have completed your study course in Australia while holding a temporary visa. Same as the 886 Visa, you will be assessed with the points test with the needed characteristics of the Australian labour market. Either a participating Australian state or territory government agency must have nominated you or you must have been sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia.

Do you find this information enough regarding your concern for a Skilled Migration visa? In case of any further doubt or a detailed entitlement and requirement information according to your situation and circumstance, book a free consultation with us at the Migration Agent Perth office and get expert advice from our Migration agents.

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