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Former and Returning Resident Visa

Former and Returning Resident Visa Definition

Former and Returning Resident Visa holders are allowed to live in Australia permanently. Former Resident visa and Return Resident Visa are the two streams of this visa.

Both the streams have different eligibility criteria’s and the individuals must satisfy all the requirements of the visa category they want to apply for. Health and character evidence are obligatory for this visa application.

The applicant of the former resident visa is required to apply for a substantive visa or must hold it while the resident return is a permanent visa which allows the applicants to move in and out of Australia for 5 years. If the applicant travels to and from Australia without a Resident Return visa their permanent resident eligibility criteria might affect the citizenship.

The applicant must hold a valid passport to apply for any stream of the above visa.

Categories of Former and Returning Resident Visa:

Former Resident Visa Subclass 151

Individuals who have served in Australian defense force can apply for Former Resident Visa Subclass 151 to live in Australia indefinitely. The applicants who fulfill the defense service requirements or the long residence requirement along with the character and health evidence becomes eligible to apply for this visa. Also, the individual applying must be younger than 45 years of age.

Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 & 157

Resident Return Visa is for the applicants who want to travel out of Australian and maintain their permanent resident status of the country. One has to apply for this visa when their travel facility gets over and they want to move in and out of Australia.

One who is Australian permanent resident or is a former Australian citizen and permanent resident can apply for Resident Return Visa for Australia.

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