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Bridging Visa Definition

Bridging Visa is perfect for those individuals who wish to stay in Australia till their substantive visa application gets confirmed. Generally, applicants apply for this visa to maintain legal status of living in Australia till they wait for a new visa or make arrangements to depart from the country. Bridging Visa has four categories falling under its stream and are designed catering to the need, purpose and reason of the individuals for staying in Australia. Please note it is a temporary visa and getting it approved depends on every applicant’s individual circumstances.

Bridging visa Categories:

Bridging Visa, A (subclass 010)

The individual who is in Australia and has applied for a new visa to live in the country is automatically applied to the Bridging Visa A (Subclass 010). Once you decide to leave Australia on a bridging visa, you are not allowed to re-enter in the country.

Bridging Visa B (subclass 020)

An applicant living in Australia on a Bridging visa A can apply for Subclass 020 visa. Unlike the 010 visas with this particular bridging visa the holder can move in and out of Australia with a genuine reason of travel.

Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)

An applicant is allowed to live in Australia legally with Bridging Visa C (subclass 030) till the immigration authority decides and confirms the status of their new visa application. You are only eligible to apply for this visa if you have not held a Bridging visa E since you last had a substantive visa.

Bridging Visa D (subclass 040 & 041)

The holder of the Bridging Visa D is allowed to stay in Australia for short term until the new substantive visa gets authorized. The applicant has to be in Australia to apply for this visa.

Bridging Visa E (subclass 050 & 051)

If you are making arrangements to leave Australia or waiting for new visa confirmation than you can apply for Bridging Visa E to maintain the legal status to live in the country. For any of the bridging visa category entitlement the applicant is required to fulfill certain age, health and relation criteria’s.

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