Bridging Visa

A Bridging Visa Australia is a type of privilege visa which would allow an individual to stay in Australia lawfully while one of their substantive visas is under processing or is under a judicial review. Bridging visa can also be considered as the transitory visa type which would allow an individual to remain in Australia for a particular period of time even if their substantive visa has expired and another visa is under consideration for approval. Sometimes, a bridging visa may also come into effect on the expiry of a substantive visa and while the individual is making arrangements to depart from Australia.

To apply for Bridging Visa, the individual needs to be specific about the reason for their extended stay in Australia. The different bridging visa type has a specific purpose of an extended stay in Australia and the length of such stay depends on the particular bridging visa application.

Bridging Visa Categories-

  • Bridging Visa A Subclass 010

Bridging visa A can be applied for when the substantive visa ceases to be valid and the other substantive visa is under processing for approval.

  • Bridging Visa B Subclass 020

The bridging visa B lets the individual travel out of Australia for a short period of time and return to Australia.

  • Bridging Visa C Subclass 030

With a Bridging visa C, an individual can stay in Australia lawfully for a short period of time even after the substantive visa ceases to be valid and another substantive visa is under process.

  • Bridging Visa E Subclass 050 and 051

With a Visa subclass 050 and 051, an individual will be able to stay in Australia when their substantive visa has expired and they are making arrangements for departure from Australia.

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