Learn About the Australia Work Visa Migration Schemes with Permanent Residence

Learn About the Australia Work Visa Migration Schemes with Permanent Residence

When we take the names of the world’s biggest and advanced countries, No one can miss the name of Australia. It was under the colonial rule of the British Empire for many years and after its independence has been continuously progressing. It is a wonderful land that is both rich in natural wonders and technologically and economically advanced. To know how to get a work visa for Australia, contact Best Migration Agent Perth and get all the help you need for it.

Education in Australia is of a high standard. Many Australian universities and educational institutions find their spot in the lists of the best around the world. Apart from that, there are plenty of work opportunities for people in every field. There are many corporations and small companies in Australia that need skilled individuals for working with them as there is a skill shortage in Australia mainly because of its low population.

Australia proffers several kinds of work visas for people from different countries to come and work here. In this list, two very popular and sought-after visas are the visa subclass 186 and Visa 187.

Visa 186

The work visa subclass 186 also goes by the name “Employer Nomination Scheme”. This work visa allows an individual who has a nomination for a job from an Australian employer to work in Australia and also gives permanent residence. This visa has three streams under which one can apply for it – The Temporary Residence Transition Stream, The Direct Entry Stream, and The Agreement Stream.

The transition stream is for those people who have been working in Australia with a Visa 457 for the same employer for at least two years and that employer is willing to nominate them for the Visa 186.

Applying for this work visa under the direct entry stream is a little difficult. It is meant for those who have at least 3 years of experience as a skilled worker and an Australian employer is willing to nominate them for the 186 visa. The occupation for which they are applying must be under the state’s Skilled Occupation List. Along with that, the applicant must fulfill the criteria of skills through a skills assessment in their occupation.

The Agreement stream is for people who are sponsored for the visa by an employer through a labor agreement.

If you check on the internet for the 186 work visa processing time forum, you’ll notice that it takes very long to get a work visa 186. There is a waiting time for many months.

Visa 187

The work visa subclass 187 is also known as the “Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme”. This  work visa is very much similar to the subclass 186 visa in every aspect except for it permits the visa holder to work and stay in Australia in the regional area only. The streams are similar to that of the Visa 186.

Regional Australia is the part of Australia which is considered rural or less developed than major coastal regions. They are very rarely populated and the government tries to promote work thereby providing this work visa. All of Australia except for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Wollongong comes under regional Australia.

The 187 work visa processing time forum will tell you that obtaining this visa also takes long but a little less than the visa 186.

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