In Which Cases your Australian Visa Application can be Refused?

In Which Cases your Australian Visa Application can be Refused?

Australia Visa has gained widespread popularity as a popular destination for holidays, education, job, and business. Every year thousands of people land in Australia to fulfill their purposes. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia handles several thousand Australian visa applications every month. Several of these applications get rejected for multiple reasons.

Most of these applications get rejected either because of the application form had incomplete details or because of applicants not meeting the eligibility criteria. Read below to know more about the situations of visa refusal and how to put forward the Refusal Visa Application.

Australian Visa Application Refusal

Individuals who apply for a visa may have their applications refused or denied due to a number of reasons. The possible situations where a visa application is refused are:

  • Applicants failed to provide information that supports their claim of visa or any other permit
  • Applicants provided false information on their form
  • Applicants failed to meet the health and character requirements to enter Australia
  • Applicants did not meet any condition concerned with the previous visa

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Australian Visa applications once refused may be reviewed if you apply for a review of the application. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) of Australia is the only tribunal in Australia now that reviews the rejected Australian visa applications and decides whether the applicant is eligible to be granted the visa or not. If your application still gets refused by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, you can lodge an application for the application to be reviewed by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. If you think that you can get the visa on the basis of eligibility (meaning you are confident you fulfill conditions) you can apply for the same visa under a different category.

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There are some conditions for applying for a review of the Australian visa application. These are:

  • Your application for reviewing your rejected visa application should be relevant.
  • You must apply for a review within the set time limit which is mentioned in the applicant’s form. Visa application refused because of an unlawful activity like putting falsified information on the Australian visa application.
  • Australian visa application refused by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection cannot be reviewed under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958.

In order to save your Australian visa application from getting rejected, you should prepare a complete application before submitting it. When you apply for a visa, ensure to fill all the important details with clear and readable letters. Stepwise directions should be followed and every one the queries within the application should be answered properly. Additionally, ensure to go through the list and acquire a clear plan of which documents should be annexed. Exercising care while filling the form is the best approach for a better visa application.

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