What Is Visa 186 And Who Can Apply For It?

What Is Visa 186 And Who Can Apply For It?

Migrating to Australia can be a bit confusing for us because of many available visa options. These visas also have their subclasses which are more or less similar to each other which makes it even more confusing. The Government’s new operation in visa process called the Skill Select also has some issues which are being sorted out by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Among the horde of available visas, Visa 186 is also there which can be chosen to enter Australia as a skilled worker. We shall learn more about this visa.

What is Visa 186?

Visa 186, also called the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa is a visa for foreigners which permits to work and settle in Australia as a skilled worker. The length of stay is permanent which means with this visa you can live in Australia permanently. It allows you to work in Australia under one of the following streams of skilled migration:

  • The Temporary Residence Transition Stream: This stream is for those workers who already have a Visa 457 for at least two out of three years before the nomination with the same employer who is sponsoring him now for the purpose of permanent settlement.
  • The Direct Entry Stream: This stream is for those who have been directly nominated by their employer and who have never or briefly worked in Australia.
  • The Agreement Stream: This stream is for people sponsored by the employer with the help of a negotiated labour contract.

This visa requires the nomination or sponsorship from a registered employer in Australia.

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Eligibility for applying Visa 186

In order to get a 186 visa, the visa applicant and also the employer ought to satisfy various necessities, as well as the subsequent key requirements:

  • Employer ought to satisfy the ‘training benchmark’ demand, that usually means it’ll get to give training to its Australian citizen and permanent resident workers
  • Visa applicant must produce the commitment to work within the appointed role for a minimum of two years from the date that permanent residency is granted. The employer will have to produce the commitment to make sure that the role is accessible to that person for that period
  • If the applicant is applying underneath the Temporary Residence Transition stream, then he must complete two years of full-time  work as a 457 visa holder
  • If the applicant is applying underneath the Direct Entry stream, then typically speaking he has to be able to get a positive talent assessment for the nominated occupation and have three years of relevant work experience
  • If you are applying under the Agreement stream, you must be sponsored by an employer through a labour agreement
  • The role that the employee is allowed to perform must align with an eligible occupation on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List
  • Must satisfy English requirement for this visa
  • Employee’s earnings should be according to the ‘Australian market rate’ for the appointed role
  • Meet proper health requirements as stated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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The above-mentioned points aren’t the sole requirements that the visa applicant and the employer/sponsor need to satisfy so as to get a 186 visa. These are only the key requirements.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant under the employer nomination scheme, you may face many problems. To avoid them, you can contact Migration Agent Perth and ask anything about the 186 visa.

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