Student Visa Extension 2022 Australia – Key Factors to Renew Your Student Visa

Student Visa Extension 2022 Australia – Key Factors to Renew Your Student Visa

An Australian student visa allows the holder to stay for a maximum of 5 years. But you may need to extend it on several occasions. While the application procedure is not pretty complicated, you have to do it carefully for the best outcome. This blog will help you understand what you have to do to stay in Australia and continue your academic journey.

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When Do You Need to Renew Student Visa Australia?

Usually, there are four occasions where a student visa extension may be required. 

  • A new course of study
  • An extended research application
  • You have submitted your post-graduation thesis, but the visa expires before receiving marks. 
  • Your institute provider has extended the course for some reason, and the visa expires before its completion. 

What Is the Current Scenario on Student Visa Extension?

Currently, the Department of Home Affairs offers no automatic extension on the Student Visa 500. 

However, suppose the visa validity is nearing its end, and you can’t return to your country of residence because of a valid reason like sudden course extension. In that case, it will be essential to look for options that will let you stay in Australia.

There are two options you can access:

  • Applying for a student visa (subclass 500) again
  • Applying for a visitor visa

Depending on your current situation, you can choose your option. 

For example, if your study is not over yet and you want to continue, applying for a student visa extension will be a practical choice.

On the other hand, if you have already suspended your studies and want to return to your home country whenever possible, you will have to apply for a visitor visa. But keep in mind that a visitor visa will not let you work.

You may encounter problems and delays to access visa services, which include:

  • Problems accessing the VEVO system
  • Delays regarding getting appointments for health examinations
  • Delays in providing additional information like English test results and biometrics 

The Immigration Department is fully aware of all these issues, so they take adequate time to complete the procedure.

If your current visa is no longer valid, you may obtain a Bridging Visa E to stay lawful.

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How Can You Apply For A Student Visa Extension?

Before you start your application procedure, make sure you currently hold a substantive Australian visa. It means the application must be made before the current visa expires. If you do not comply with this condition, it will negatively impact your future visa applications. 

  • You have to go through several steps and so have sufficient time in your hand to complete the application procedure in a smooth and hassle-free manner.
  • Both onshore and offshore application options are available, with the process being slightly different. 
  • For instance, if you are currently in Australia and want to apply, you must hold a Bridging Visa A until the visa application is fully processed.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to apply offshore, you must wait for the visa outcome before entering this country.

Take a look at the following application steps according to new rules for Australia student visa 2022:-

Step 1: Enrol in a Course and Get an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

  • First, you must enrol in a CRICOS-registered course at an Australian institute. Once you complete your application, the institute will send you a letter of acceptance. You have to accept their offer and pay the course fees officially. Upon receiving the payment, the authority will send you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You know how to proceed as you have already done this step before your original student visa (subclass 500) application.
  • Just like your previous Student Visa 500, you will need to have a valid health insurance cover for the student visa extension australia 2022, too. You must contact the provider of your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and request them to extend the end insurance until the new visa’s expiry date.

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Step 2: Gather All the Required Documents for Student Visa Extension

You can now gather the other documents because you have got your OSHC and CoE. On the Immigration Department’s official website, you will find a Document Checklist Tool that will help you understand which documents you will have to submit. Depending on your institute and the reason behind your application, student visa requirements of documents may change. 

Usually, you will need:

  • Bio-data pages of your passport 
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate
  • A national identity card
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • An electronic Confirmation of Enrolment, unless you have already submitted your post-graduate thesis and not received any marks
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • A filled-out parental consent form if you have not turned 18
  • A filled-out form 956 if you hire a registered migration agent
  • OSHC details
  • Personal statement, mentioning the reasons behind extending studies, individual situation in Australia, socio-economic and political situation in your home country, and the importance of the course in your career

Showing that you are financially capable is essential for an Australian student visa. You can prove it in the following ways.

  • You can provide documentary evidence that you have sufficient money to cover your yearly expenses in Australia. Besides your costs, you must also show that you can cover the costs of your accompanying family members. For example, if you have a school-going child, you must have money to cover their school fees.
  • If your parents or spouse supports you, it must be shown that their annual income is a minimum of AUD60000.
  • You can show an AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students) form, but only if you are a secondary exchange student.
  • If you come as a Foreign Affairs or Defence student, a letter of support issued by the relevant department is required. 

If you have open access to money, make sure you have the following evidence to show.

  • A record and history of monetary assistance from a person or a business
  • A proper explanation for any recent large money deposit in your accounts
  • Details about an education loan that can cover your living costs and tuition fees including student visa extension fee australia 2022.
  • Details about any other loan

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Step 3: Submit Your Student Visa Extension Application

Once you gather all the documents, you can now complete your application. Log in to your ImmiAccount, attach the scanned copies of your documents, and lodge the Australia student visa subclass 500 application. Remember that you will need to pay the student visa extension fee at this step. Currently, the amount is AUD630.

If you apply onshore, the Department of Home Affairs will send you a letter of acknowledgement and Bridging Visa afterwards. The Department may need further information, so checking the email frequently is recommended.

Step 4: Provide Your Biometrics

Immediately after submitting your application, the Department may ask you for biometrics. Besides receiving an email, you will also find this request through your ImmiAccount. 

You will have 14 days to provide your biometrics after receiving the request.

Step 5: Undergo Health Examinations

The Australian Government wants their overseas visitors to be in perfect health. So, if you had your health checked up over a year ago, it is essential to undergo another medical examination.

First, click on the ‘health assessment’ tab in your ImmiAccount. It will allow you to receive a clinic referral letter and a HAP number. You have to provide the clinic with the referral letter and HAP ID to book your appointment.

Once all the health examinations are over, the eMedical service will send the medical report to the Immigration Department. 

Step 6: Hold A Valid Visa

We have already stated that you will receive a Bridging Visa A if you apply onshore. The BVA becomes valid immediately after your current visa expires. It will allow you to stay in Australia legally. Remember that BVA does not enable the holder to travel abroad. 

Not only that, but you must not also cancel your current substantive visa. Cancelling the current visa will make you ineligible for the BVA.

However, if you have to travel abroad for a valid purpose, Apply For Bridging Visa B (BVB) will be essential. 

Step 7: Outcome of The Visa Application

Once a case officer starts assessing your application, they may contact you for additional information. If you submit everything correctly, there will be no issue regarding the visa grant. Regardless of the outcome, the Department of Home Affairs will let you know about it via email. Once granted the visa, you must inform your Australian institute and start making necessary accommodation and other arrangements.

Keep in mind that you must allow yourself plenty of time to complete the application procedure and submit further documents they ask for. According to new rules, student visa australia working hours will be more than 40 hours.

Can You Stay Back After Your Graduation in Australia?

This blog is for those whose Student Visa 500 has expired but have failed to complete their studies within the 5 years due to genuine reasons.

But in typical cases, you have to return to your home country once your studies are over. If you want to stay back, you need to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa 485. Depending on your academic qualification and the stream you have applied for, you can stay, study, and work for 18 months to 4 years.

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