Temporary Working Hour Relaxation For Student Visa 500 Holders

Temporary Working Hour Relaxation For Student Visa 500 Holders

With the Student Visa Subclass 500, you can stay in Australia for a maximum period of 5 years, during which you can study full-time at any Australian institute or university, according to your enrolment. This Student Visa will allow you to attend an eligible course of study. In your visa application, you can also include your family members, like your partner and/or your or your partner’s dependent child.

You can apply for this visa online, outside or inside Australia. Once your course begins, you can work for 40 hours every two weeks. There are specific student visa 500 requirements you should meet to apply for this visa. These are as follows:

  • Your age must be six years or older. 
  • You must provide a CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment at a CRICOS-registered full-time course.
  • You should submit proof of your English language proficiency.
  • During your stay in Australia, you and your family members (if included in the application) should get compulsory health coverage, OSHC from any approved health insurance provider in Australia.
  • If you are younger than 18 years, you should have sufficient welfare arrangements while staying in Australia.
  • You have to satisfy proper character and health requirements.
  • You should show enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Australia.


Temporary Working Hour Changes For Student Visa 500 in Australia

To provide the general supply of specific services at the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force have given certain relaxations of work rights for Visa 500 holders, but only for a limited number of sectors. These holders also include those students who have been working beyond their work limitations.

  • As a holder of Visa Subclass 500, you can work more than 40 hours, but only in the following cases.
  • If you have been working since before 8 September 2020, in aged care approved provider or Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider, holding a NAPS ID or a RACS ID, then you can get the relaxation.
  • Relaxation can also be applicable if you are recruited by any registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider.
  • If you attend a health care course and are now assisting in the health efforts to fight against the pandemic, you will get that expected expectations.
  • Working in the agricultural sector or tourism and hospitality industry can also help you get temporary flexibilities on the Student Visa 500 working hours.

Definitions of all these sectors have been set by the ANZSIC or Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification system. 

For the tourism and hospitality industry, employers who directly work in providing tourist services are also included. However, the Division of Accommodation and Food Services under the ANZSIC system does not enlist their activities. All these are temporary measures taken due to the pandemic, and so the government will review them.

Though there is more flexibility in the working hours in a few sectors, you should maintain a balance between your work and study. Besides working for more than 40 hours per 2-week time, you should also do the following.

  • You should maintain your course enrolment.
  • You should make sure that you maintain your attendance. 
  • And finally, you must have good results.

Visa holders who postpone their enrolment and stop going to the classes, or fail to satisfy the necessary course progress, may face punishment for the breach of the Visa Subclass 500 conditions.

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If you have already joined a work or have an employment offer in any of the above sectors and have completed your course, you can apply for a COVID-19 Pandemic Visa Subclass 408. Please note, you will have only 90 days in your hands to apply for this visa before your student visa gets expired. If you gain employment in those sectors, you can easily work there for more than 40 hours every two weeks. And if you have started your course, secondary visa holders (e.g. your partner) can get the same relaxation on the work hours to satisfy the other visa requirements.

Employer Registration For Visa Subclass 500 Working Hours

If you are an employer, you must continue to comply with Australian workplace law. According to the Australian workplace law, all the overseas workers that also include international students, can go by the same rights as all the other employees. With all these measures in action, the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force will do the following jobs.

  • They will activate their discretion under Section 116(1) (b) of the Migration Act 1958. It will not cancel the visas of students who work more than the usual Student Visa Subclass 500 working hours each fortnight.
  • They will not refer any student visa holder to investigate any punishable offence under Section 235 of the Migration Act 1958.
  • They will also not refer the visa holder or any relevant third-party companies that hire workers to investigate any offence under Section 245AC of the Migration Act 1958. 

But, if you work with an NDIS provider, you do not need any registration.

How Can Migration Agent Perth Help?

If you want to stay in Australia after your graduation is complete, you should get a new work visa before your student visa gets expired. As an international student graduate, you will become eligible for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. If you have a Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral degree, you can apply for the Post-Study Work Stream under this visa. You should prepare a Student Visa 500 Checklist before going to apply for the visa application.

Migration Agent Perth can help in several ways. First of all, if you want to pursue a career in one of those sectors mentioned above, you have to attend appropriate courses like Certificate 3 or Diploma in Aged Care or Bachelor or Diploma in Hospitality Management, etc. For specific information about these courses and to handle all the visa-related activities, you can get help from the Immigration Agent assigned to you by MAP.

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