407 Training Visa: Step-by-Step Guide!

407 Training Visa: Step-by-Step Guide!

Beginning the process of obtaining the training visa subclass 407, which enables individuals to participate in on-the-job training aimed at improving their skills within Australia. This visa is suitable for applicants sponsored by an approved Australian organization and offers an opportunity to gain practical experience in their chosen occupation or field. With a duration of up to two years, the 407 Visa facilitates professional development and contributes to Australia’s skilled workforce.


This comprehensive step-by-step guide is here to assist you through the process. We’ll provide you with clear instructions and valuable insights to ensure a smooth application experience. Let’s dive in and unlock the opportunities awaiting you.

Why 407 Training visa?

In Australia, you can spend up to two years taking part in a job-based training program. Through this program, you will be able to work in your field of study while gaining credentials and real-world experience. Furthermore, you can request to stay with your family. Every two weeks, participants in the program must dedicate 40 hours to labour. This is a fantastic opportunity to advance your knowledge, pick up priceless experiences, and even launch a family-friendly career in Australia.

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Documents required for training visa subclass 407

To apply for a Subclass 407 Training Visa, you need to compile a comprehensive set of documents that support your application. This includes gathering essential paperwork to demonstrate your eligibility for the 407 visa requirements.

  • Identification: Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc. (plus photo and fingerprints)
  • Sponsorship: Proof that someone approved your training and will support you.
  • Training details: Documents about the training program and your qualifications.
  • Finances: Proof you have enough money to support yourself and your family (if applicable).
  • Health insurance: Coverage for you and your family.
  • English skills: Proof you understand English (if not your native language).
  • Good character: Documents showing you have no criminal record.
  • Occupation-specific documents: Depending on your field, you might need additional letters from relevant authorities.
  • Commitment to Australia: A signed statement agreeing to follow Australian laws and values.
  • Help with application: If you use an agent, provide additional forms.

Extra Documents for Family Members

  • Partner: Their ID and proof of your relationship (marriage certificate, proof of living together for at least a year).
  • Children under 18: Their ID, proof of your permission (Form 1229 or a declaration), and proof it’s legal for them to travel.
  • Children over 18 (if dependent): Their ID, proof of your relationship, proof they rely on you financially, and a medical form (if applicable).
  • You can bring an adult child (over 23) who can’t support themselves due to special needs and relies on you.

Eligibility Criteria for 407 Visa

To transition from a training visa subclass 407 to permanent residency, individuals must follow specific pathways and meet eligibility criteria. Here’s how to begin the journey toward permanent residency under the 407 visa program:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Have a sponsor who is approved by the Australian government.
  • Be nominated for training by your sponsor.
  • Be invited to apply (if nominated by a government agency).
  • Have health insurance.
  • Speak English well.
  • Agree to follow Australian laws and values.
  • Have no debts to the Australian government.
  • Have a clean visa history.
  • Pass a medical exam.

Your sponsor needs to:

  • Be a registered organization or government agency in Australia.
  • Offer the training you want.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Follow all sponsorship rules.

Your nominator (if not your sponsor) needs to:

  • Be legally allowed to sponsor activities in Australia.

How to apply for a 407 visa for permanent residency

Follow these steps to apply for the subclass 407 visa:

Step 1: First Consultation

Set up a video conference with one of our migration agents beforehand. We will discuss your past and current circumstances to determine your eligibility for the visa. We may also inquire as to whether your employer can recommend you for the job. We provide video chats on all devices, and if necessary, we can even speak with your boss. Following the talk, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate for our services along with the opportunity to divide the cost to suit your needs.

Step 2: Application for Sponsorship

On behalf of your company, we will handle the sponsorship application processing with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Making sure your company satisfies the criteria and can assist you during your training is the most important issue. Your employer may recommend foreign applicants for subclass 407 visa to permanent residency, if granted, for a maximum of five years.

  • Sponsor Responsibilities

Admitted sponsors are required to abide by DHA regulations to safeguard foreign labourers. They are not allowed to demand repayment of any expenses incurred during the sponsorship or hiring process, such as agency fees. Additionally, your company must ensure that you participate in the training for which they provide funding.

Step 3: Application for Nomination

Additionally, we will send your employer’s nomination application to the DHA. This may take place later on or concurrently with the sponsorship application. Here, demonstrating that the training satisfies particular standards is crucial.

Step 4: Apply for a 407 Training Visa

Finally, we will assist you in submitting a DHA visa application. This can be completed concurrently with the nomination application or before its expiration. You must fulfil standards related to your character and health. You will receive a temporary visa upon approval of all three applications. For a maximum of two years during your training program, your visa will be valid.


Guiding the Subclass 407 application procedure and applying for a training visa requires more than one process, starting with the initial consultation. However, people can effectively start their journey towards getting real-world experience and improving their abilities in Australia with the help of experts and thorough supervision. To ensure smooth support during this procedure, think about utilizing the knowledge of Migration Services Perth. Applicant comfort and clarity in navigating the complexity of visa applications stems from their specific knowledge and commitment to ease transfers.

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