Common Reasons For Visitor Visa Refusals In Australia

Common Reasons For Visitor Visa Refusals In Australia

Applying for an Australian Visitor Visa is a lengthy and complicated procedure. There are a number of prerequisites and conditions that applicants need to fulfil. A lot of times a visa has been refused in spite of the applicant being eligible leaving them devastated. At present, the Australian Government is being more stringent while approving visitor visa. Of late, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is strictly scrutinizing each and every application to make sure that the evidence provided is genuine. Approval of Visitor visa Australia also depends on the assessment by the home country and the circumstances of each individual applicant.

If you are planning to travel to Australia on a visitor visa, you would surely like to know the reasons for Australian Visitor Visa Refusal. Here are some common reasons why the Department of Immigration may refuse a Visitor Visa Australia.

  1. Insufficient funds: One of the main reasons for Visitor Visa refusal is that most of the time the applicant does not meet the financial eligibility. At present, Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. As per eligibility requirements of the Visitor visa, you need to have enough funds earned in a legitimate way so that you can meet your and your accompanying family member’s travel expenses and cost of the stay in Australia. You need to provide evidence to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that you are financially sound and must have a minimum of 5,000 AUD before travelling to the country. If you or your sponsor belongs to a country with a higher assessment level, then you need to produce at least a previous 3 month’s bank statements prior to lodging a visitor visa application. If you fail to provide this evidence along with your visa application, you may end up getting a refusal visitor visa. In case you are using your personal bank account, you have to declare your source of income and furnish evidence like payslips, employment statements or proof of your business. It will be easier to prove your financial soundness if your bank account shows any transaction involving a big amount.

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  2. Insufficient incentives to go back to your home country: Your Australian Visitor Visa may be refused if you have a considerable gap in your employment or education and if you fail to provide a valid reason as to why you could not secure a job in your own country or why you did not work. You will also need to explain the reasons:

  • If you are currently unemployed in your home country
  • Provide information about the person supporting you in your own country

The explanations must be supported with satisfactory evidence before submitting the application to the Immigration Department. You also need to prove that you are strongly connected with your family members in your home country like your wife, husband, children, siblings, and parents. This will prove that you will surely return to your home country because of strong family ties and do not intend to stay in Australia forever.

3. Submitting fake documents: If you submit fake documents to the Immigration Department, you may fail to satisfy the Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020. For instance, if you:

  • Try to change income tax figures
  • Try to change your salary figures
  • Provide fake documents related to your employment and the employer

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If you have a notion that the Immigration Department will not verify the documents, then you are mistaken. All the documents you submit will be scrutinized thoroughly. If there is a mismatch between the information you provide and what they find, you can expect a refusal visitor visa. It is likely that the case officer will ask you to give comments within a specified time limit.

4. Not responding to Immigration’s request: If you fail to provide additional documents or information as requested by the embassy or the Immigration case officer or if you fail to complete medical evaluation to continue with the assessment of visitor visa application, your visitor visa application may be rejected.

5. Failing to meet health requirements: Another common reason for visitor visa refusals in Australia is failing to meet the health requirements. Specialist doctors selected by the Immigration Department conduct the medical examination. The level of examination that you need to undergo is based on factors like:

  • The activities you are planning during your stay in Australia
  • Intended length of stay in Australia
  • The country where you were staying before travelling to Australia

6. Failing to meet character requirements: Your Australian Visitor Visa may be refused if you have:

  • Past criminal record
  • Were associated with a group, organization or people involved in criminal operations
  • Your previous or present criminal conduct or your general conduct is not satisfactory as per the Immigration Department

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Your visitor visa may also be refused if the Immigration Department thinks that you may harass, intimidate, molest or defame someone or are likely to give rise to conflict in the Australian community or be a cause of danger.

Since Australia has undertaken a zero-tolerance policy towards criminals, migrants with good character are considered for visa approval. The Immigration Department has the authority to cancel a visitor visa that has already been approved if evidence of past criminal activity gets exposed.

When you plan to submit your visitor visa application, there are a number of things to consider. You may be one of those who think that you can do it yourself based on information available online. However, the information available online may not always be accurate and the rules and regulations may change from time to time. So, it is best to seek advice from professional Migration Agent Perth to do it accurately. They are well aware of the rigidity of the application process and guide you every step of the way. If your visitor visa application falls short in any way, they take care of it. Get in touch with them to make sure that everything is done correctly and chances of Visitor Visa refusal is minimized.

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