10 Common Refusal Reasons For Visa Subclass 485 Australia

10 Common Refusal Reasons For Visa Subclass 485 Australia

If you are planning to apply for the 485 subclass visa, then read this post carefully. Visa subclass 485 offers you a number of benefits. After graduation, you will get the opportunity to work in Australia. You will also get the scope to study a course for up to 4 months. Most importantly, the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 paves your way for getting a Permanent Residency in Australia. So, before applying you should aware of the nitty-gritty of the 485 visa Australia quite well.

The Top 10 Common Refusal Reasons

There are certain criteria that you must comply with before applying for your visa subclass 485. These include meeting the health and character requirements, English language proficiency and submission of correct documents, etc. It may happen that you couldn’t meet any of these criteria while applying for your graduate visa. So, it’s always better to lodge an application with the proper knowledge and understanding. In this context, given below are 10 common reasons which lead to the refusal of the Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

1. Choice of the wrong visa stream

Oftentimes, a lot of students lodge their visa subclass 485 application by choosing the wrong visa stream. The 485 visa Australia has two different streams i.e. the post-study stream and graduate work stream. The former is for students who have of late graduated from a reputed Australian institution. Conversely, the GWS is for students who have graduated with some skills and qualifications. The PSWS and GWS let you stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years and 18 months respectively. So, opt for the visa stream which best suits your profile.

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2. Non-compliance with the English Language Test

Meeting the English language test forms an essential of your 485 visa application. Many students overlook this criterion and face the refusal of their visa application. So, make sure that you crack any of the following English language tests before applying for your visa subclass 485.
• Cambridge Advanced English (CAE): Obtain a minimum score of 169.
• PTE Academic: Do secure a minimum score of 50
• IELTS: Secure a minimum score of 6
• TOEFL iBT: 64 is the total score which you need to obtain for this test.
• OET: Acquire a gradation of B to qualify in the test of OET.

Any of these tests should be completed within 3 years from the date of your visa lodgement. You don’t have to meet the English test if you hold the passport of certain nations. These include Canada, UK, the US, Ireland, and New Zealand.

3. Non-compliance with the Health Insurance

Before applying you must prove to the Australian government that you have made all the required health arrangements. You must do this from the date of your visa application until the date of its outcome. In case, you are holding a student visa, you just need to prove the possession of OSHC. When your student visa expires your OSCH will also become invalid. Then, get another health insurance issued from an Australian health insurance provider.

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4. Failure to apply for an AFP check

When applying for your Temporary Graduate Visa 485, applying for an Australian Federal Police check is needed indispensably. Both you and your dependent applicants should be over 16 years to do this. You need to do this within 12 months from the date of the visa application. Meeting this requires you to provide a copy of your lodgement for an AFP check. While filling out your application form, you should also provide the receipt number over there. Failing in doing so will lead to your visa subclass 485 refusals.

5. Non-submission of correct documents

When applying for the temporary graduate visa 485, you should invariably submit all the essential documents. These chiefly include your educational documents, final transcript and certificate, passport, and letter of completion. Most of the Australian universities/colleges provide them just before your student visa is about to expire. So, you must email your academic authority for these credentials right after finishing your course. If there are incorrect or insufficient documents get them proper immediately. Otherwise, be prepared to face the refusal of your visa subclass 485.

6. Inability to comply with the study requirements

This criterion needs you to complete a Diploma, Degree, or Trade Qualification comprising the CRICOS. The duration of your course should at least be of 2 years. You are also required to be present in Australia at least for 16 months while studying your course. You should have completed this course via a student visa and in English. At times, students face the refusal of their visa subclass 485 for failing to meet these requirements.

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7. Non-conformity to the visa application deadline

Lodging the application of the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is a time-bound method. So, you need to apply within 6 months from the date of your course completion. The ‘6 months’ criterion is also applicable to your student visa’s commencement. The date of your course completion means the date on which you got your final results. Many students cross this deadline and face a refusal of their Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 as a result.

8. Lack of knowledge about Section 48 Bars

Section 48 of the Migration Act impedes applicants to apply for another subclass 485 visa Australia after a refusal. It applies to those who are currently staying in Australia on a bridging visa after their first visa’s cancellation. Submission of inadequate or improper information will lead to your 485 visa refusal.

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9. Failure to meet skills assessment

You also need to qualify in the skills assessment test if you have applied for GWS relevant to your occupation. This will prove that you have the essential skills and knowledge to manage your nominated occupation effectively. Many applicants cannot meet their skills assessment and end up facing their graduate visa’s refusal.

10. Inability to spend sufficient time

Did you know that you should be present in Australia at least for 16 months while studying your chosen course? Yes, it’s a fact. Most importantly, if you spend less time then your graduate visas will be refused.

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