Important FAQs For Employer Nomination Subclass 186 Visa

Important FAQs For Employer Nomination Subclass 186 Visa

The Subclass 186 Visa has been designed particularly for all those overseas applicants, who hold necessary skills and qualifications, relevant to a specific occupation. To apply for Employer Sponsored Visa 186 successfully, the applicant must have opted for an occupation that is pertinent to his/her skills and qualifications, and, should also be selected by an eligible Australian employer.

Apart from this, the applicant should also choose the right visa category before getting started with the main application procedure. So, given below are some of the most worthwhile FAQs related to the visa subclass 186, reading which you will surely attain a comprehensive understanding of it.

Can I Become An Australian Citizen With The Employer Sponsored Subclass 186 Visa?

Yes, the Employer Sponsored Visa 186 does allow its holders to achieve citizenship in Australia. But, there are a couple of residence criteria, which you will have to meet in the proper and expected way to get your Australian citizenship approved. This requires you to stay in Australia constantly for 4 years, granting you permission to stay outside Australia as a permanent visa holder for a maximum period of 12 months and not more than that.

Aside from this, Subclass 186 Visa holders who are allowed to stay in Australia for a period of 12 months, will be allowed to stay outside Australia for 3 months and not more than that. However, the requirement to achieve citizenship in Australia with the Employer Nomination Visa 186 is not permanent, and, the Department of Home Affairs will keep on changing that from time to time according to the changing situations.

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Am I Eligible For Medicare?

Definitely, you can get yourself enrolled for Medicare, but, only after the permanent residence of your Employer Nomination Visa 186 has been approved by the Department of Home Affairs. More specifically, your eligibility to apply for Medicare will be counted from the date of validation of your permanent citizenship in Australia.

Will I Have To Pay Any Tax in Relation To The PR of My Employer Nomination Visa 186?

As soon as you apply for a permanent residency with your visa subclass 186, you will become liable to serve a couple of taxing purposes effectively. Besides, the Australian government will also impose a few taxing obligations post the approval of your permanent residency. However, if you have any doubts or queries related to this, you can always feel free to hire a professional tax advisor, and, he/she can help you in this regard.

Can I Include My New Contact Details in My 186 Visa Application?

Once you have applied for your visa subclass 186 with your previous contact information, and, in case, you have changed it recently, then, you must invariably contact your immigration office, and, update your changed contact details in your visa application, along with your new passport number. However, if you miss out on doing that, and, are traveling to Australia with your new passport, then, it becomes a bit problematic for you. In any case, if you cannot update your changed contact details through the online mode, you can also collect form no. 929, and, include your new contact details there, subsequently submitting it to your immigration office.

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Can I Still Apply If I Break Up With My Partner?

Yes, you will still remain eligible to apply for the visa subclass 186, even if you have broken the relationship with your partner. However, make sure that you have updated your current relationship status with your marital or de facto partner in the application of your Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, only after ascertaining your breakup with him/her.

But, you also need to take one thing into consideration. It is that, once you have broken up with your marital or de facto partner, and, if you feel that there is no possibility for a patch-up, then, you will not be eligible to include your partner’s name in your visa application. However, if your relationship has ended due to familial issues, and, if you are not the primary applicant, then, you must avail professional assistance to ascertain whether you can continue with your visa application procedure or not.

What If I Have Applied After The Expiration of My Existing Visa?

Even if you have applied for the Employer Sponsored Visa 186 after your existing visa has expired, you can still continue to stay in Australia legally through a substantial Bridging Visa A. This particular visa ensures that you are staying lawfully in Australia whilst the application of your 186 goes on. However, the Bridging Visa A which has been granted to you will only come into effect after your existing visa has expired. Besides, the temporary Bridging Visa A must be sent to the applicant within 24 hours from the time he/she has applied for his/her Employer Sponsored Visa 186.

In case, any discrepancy occurs related to it, then you must get in touch with your immigration department immediately to get the issue resolved. In case, you are willing to travel outside Australia while the application of your 186 visa remains ongoing, then, you will have to obtain a Bridging Visa B to get permission granted for it. On the contrary, if you fail to do the same, then, you may be denied access to an entry to the nation.

Am I Going To Face A Rejection of My Subclass 186 Visa If My Application Is Incorrect?

Well, it depends that whether you have included some wrong pieces of information before or after submitting your application. In case, you have done it before submitting your visa application to your immigration department, then, you will get the finest opportunity to rectify each of your mistakes efficiently to ensure a flawless application of your Employer Sponsored Visa 186. On the contrary, if you realize your mistakes only after submitting your application, then you must get in touch with your immigration office as soon as possible in order to provide the right information in your visa application. This way, remain to rest assured that you don’t have to face a rejection/cancellation of your Employer Sponsored Visa 186.

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