A Complete Guide To Australia Student Visa And Entry Requirements!

A Complete Guide To Australia Student Visa And Entry Requirements!


A visa is a travel authorisation that permits temporary entry into another nation. Most of the time, you must apply for a visa before travelling, either online or at an embassy or consulate. Sometimes, obtaining a visa upon arrival is possible. The length of your stay is specified on the visa attached to your passport.

For security reasons, most nations require visas complying with Australian entry requirements for visitors to monitor who enters and prevent illegal immigration. Additionally, visas serve defensively to stop security hazards from entering a country.

Everyone else must apply for a visa or travel permission before travelling to Australia, except for New Zealanders (who can obtain a visa upon arrival). Depending on your nationality, you can get an eVisitor, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), or a visitor visa for short stays. For academic purposes, you can apply for a student visa subclass 500.


A registered migration Agent in Perth WA will assist you with various visa types useful for you and their relatable eligibility and documentation requirements.

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Requirements For Acquiring A Visa

As you can see, a visa is necessary to enter Australia. However, whether it is a tourist visa, business visa, or working holiday visa, you should know that there are specific requirements for the Australian visa process. These necessities are as follows:

  • An Authentic Passport

You must first have a valid passport. Please be aware that your passport must be legal for your entire stay. Remember to bring your travel documents with the matching number to your visa.

  • Have Good Health

Applying for a visa to Australia requires completing medical procedures. You won’t be allowed to enter the country if your mental or physical health is not satisfactory for the general public’s health. 

  • Behavioural Issues And Legal Issues

Anyone who poses a threat to society is not permitted in Australia. It is why anyone applying for visas to the nation must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Possess enough money to support yourself during your stay in the country and pay for your return journey.
  • Not owe money to Australia’s government.
  • Not have a record of sexual or child abuse, domestic abuse, or any offences that would have resulted in a term of more than 12 months in jail.
  • Not be a runaway/Interpol wanted person.
  • Not be associated with any group or individual who commits crimes
  • Not be implicated in any proof of a planned attack, a war crime, a genocide, a trafficking of any type, etc.

You must fulfil all requirements to get an Australia visa. The opportunity to apply online is quicker and simpler.

Types Of Australian Visas 

There are various categories of visas based on the purpose of your visit by which you can comfortably enter and remain in Australia. Each visa type requires specific eligibility and document criteria you must comply with. You must fulfil requirements with some basic standards discussed above. For example, a student visa has Australian student visa requirements. Following are some of the visas:

1. Visitor Visa

A tourist or visitor visa to Australia is a document granted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to non-Australian nationals for a brief period of up to 12 months to temporarily reside there (often for up to three months).

The length of your visa is determined by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia; it may vary on a case-by-case basis. It doesn’t allow you to study in Australia for more than three months. You must apply for a student visa for educational purposes.

2. International Student Visa 

You must first obtain an Australian student visa to study there. It requires the student to submit a visa application form, pay a cost of AUD630, and appear in person for an interview. To apply for a visa subclass 500, you must have a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or a Letter of Offer confirming your admission into a programme listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses.

Depending on your age, type of programme, and length of stay, you must apply for one of the many subclasses of the Australia student visa. For the duration of their studies, many overseas students studying in Australia may desire to work. You can apply for a temporary work visa Australia after completion of your studies. Till then, while classes are in session, you can work up to 20 hours per week, with no restrictions on how many hours you can work during officially recognised breaks from class.

3. Work Visas

Applying for an Australian Work visa may make you eligible to immigrate to Australia if you have the talents and ability to improve the country’s workforce and economy. The purpose of these visas is to encourage candidates to seek nomination or employer sponsorship. You must comply with Australian work visa requirements to obtain these visas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Long Does It Take To Process An Australian Visa?

Depending on the type of visa, processing times for Australian visas vary. Most applications for visas under the tourist stream are processed quickly—typically in a few weeks to a maximum of four months—but if all goes according to plan, it might even only take a few days.

Long-term visa applications may take a few months to over a year, depending on the visa type.

Q.2 Can An Australian Visa Be Extended?

When your current visa does not carry a “No Further Stay” notification, you may apply for a new one at least two weeks before it expires if you are currently in Australia and wish to extend your stay. Therefore, unless you have exceptional circumstances, you cannot renew your current visa or seek a new one if you come with a tourist visa (which has a “No Further Stay” clause).

You will receive a Bridging Visa if you submit a visa application for a different visa category, allowing you to remain in Australia until the Immigration Authority decides.

Q.3 What Is The Cost Of An Australian Visa?

The cost of an Australian visa varies according to the kind, procedure, and length of your stay:

AUD145 for a visit visa (tourist stream) 

eVisitor and ETA; free of charge except for an AUD20 service charge.

For student visa 500: AUD620

For study and training visas: AUD310

Work visa: Depending on the visa, from AUD310 to AUD4,045

Q.4 How Can I Apply For A Visa To Australia?

  • Use the Visa Finder to help you if you don’t know which visa to apply for or which will work best for your specific circumstance.
  • Supporting documentation is necessary for your application. To assist you in gathering the documents required for a visa, consult the visa requirements listed under the relevant visa alternatives.
  • Utilise ImmiAccount to apply online.


Regardless of the reason, Immigrants who plan to visit Australia must have an Australian visa. You must choose the proper category based on the purpose of your trip. Indian nationals can apply for various visa categories from Australia. Practically the entire process is online.

You will be issued an electronic visa. You are not required to go to the VAC centre or Consulate for the interview and biometrics. However, there are always exceptions, and Australia is no different. You can consult Migration Agent Perth to get detailed knowledge.

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