What Benefits Can You Enjoy While Studying In The Regional Areas Of Australia?

What Benefits Can You Enjoy While Studying In The Regional Areas Of Australia?

In Australia, locations outside the metropolitan areas of three major cities (Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney) are termed regional areas. This term is broadly used for migration purposes.

While applying for an Australian visa, keep this regional area factor in mind. The reason is that you will receive extra incentives from the Australian Government if you have worked or studied in one of these areas. Here we give one example to help you understand it better.

Suppose you have studied with your Student Visa Subclass 500 at an institution located in any such regional area. In that case, you may get a 1 to a 2-year extension on your current Post-Study Work Stream of the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. We have discussed it later in this article in more detail.

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Pros Of Studying In A Regional Area

Studying in a regional area of Australia will help you enjoy several privileges.

You Can Lead A More Relaxed Lifestyle

First of all, the pace of life in Australia’s regional areas is much slower than that in big cities. Therefore, studying and living here will make you feel like spending a vacation. Also, as the workload is much less, people who do jobs in regional offices lead a relaxed lifestyle.

You Will Achieve Additional Points For Migration

One key reason people choose to study in a regional Australian area after achieving the Student Visa 500 is that they can achieve additional 5 points in the points’ test. These 5 points prove to be beneficial in a permanent residency application.

The Cost of Living Is Much Less

Another major reason international students decide to stay and study in a regional area is the lower living costs. You can enjoy basic facilities at almost half the rates of what you might need to pay to live in a big city. Let us give one example. While the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney is around $2602, it becomes around $1360 in Adelaide.

You Can Obtain A Second Post-Study Work Stream

We have already discussed this benefit. This Graduate Visa 485 stream was introduced by the Australian Department of Home Affairs in earlier 2021 and is granted to applicants who have studied in an institution located in a regional area. Depending on the location of their institute, the period of extension may vary.

You Can Experience Australian Culture Better

Australia has been a popular study destination for many decades, and that is why a multicultural atmosphere has developed in the major cities. However, the towns and rural areas or regional centres are opposite. You will find much fewer migrants there, and thus, it will give you more opportunities to experience the distinctive Australian culture.

You Can Find Specialised Courses in The Institutes of Regional Areas

Another benefit of studying in a regional area of Australia is that you can find some specialised courses that are not available anywhere else in Australia. For example, you will not find any course like the Marine courses of the University of Tasmania.

Studying these courses with an Australian student visa will help you find a decent job. The Marine Biology course is also available in New South Wales. Another option international students sometimes choose to pursue is the winemaking courses offered by colleges in Adelaide. There are also dental, and medical courses offered to students who seek employment in designated regional areas of Australia.

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You Will Attend Smaller Classes

Compared to institutes or universities, the class sizes are smaller in regional institutes. When the class size is smaller, you can receive the best-quality personal tutoring from qualified faculty.

You Can Access Scholarship Benefits

If you enrol in a university located in regional Australia, you can apply for a decent scholarship. For example, if you approach Destination Australia, you can receive a maximum scholarship of AUD 15000. This scholarship provides support to students studying a Certificate IV course and those who are pursuing a PhD.

Universities also have their scholarship schemes. So, while you enrol, you may consider checking for these benefits.

You Will Have The Best Opportunity To Explore The Land Down Under

Australia is also a popular tourist destination for people all over the world. There is a lot to explore, from vast stretches of deserts to evergreen forests, from the serene countryside to vibrant cities and snow-capped mountains to beautiful beaches. The advantage of studying at a regional university is that most campuses are located near these exciting destinations, which will give you a better opportunity to explore Australia.

Average Expenses Of Living In Regional Australia

When you migrate to a different country, the most important factor you have to consider is the cost of living. So, you have to choose your study destination wisely. Australia is a vast land divided into six states and two territories. The lifestyle and the average expenses of living are also different in these eight regions.

Yearly living costs have increased according to migration regulations. As per the recent estimate, when you hold the Student Visa Subclass 500, you must bear the annual costs of AUD 21041 for your living. For your partner and spouse accompanying you to Australia, the average annual costs will be AUD 7362 and AUD 3152, respectively.

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Two of the major costs that will affect the total living cost will include housing and transport. These costs will be different in different territories and states. In the Australian capital of Canberra and Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, the housing costs are relatively higher than in other major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, and Perth. Most cities have well-connected public transport networks, and you can enjoy student concessions on transport fares in various zones.

Covering these costs will become easier once you obtain your Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 and start working full-time.

Detailed List Of Regional Areas Of Australia

Regional areas of Australia fall into two categories.

Category 1: Cities and Major Regional Centres

Cities included under this category are Perth, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, the Sunshine Coast, Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, Illawarra/Wollongong, Hobart, and Geelong.

If you study in any institute in one of these cities, you can access the following benefits.

  • Regional visas are given more priority to get processed.
  • You can get employed in a job listed on the ROL (Regional Occupation List), where more jobs are than non-regional ones.
  • You can live for an extra one year under the Second Post-Study Work Stream Visa.

Category 2: Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas

Under this category, there are 11200 regional places included. Studying and living in any of these areas will also help you get priority in your regional visa processing, get employed in an occupation available on the Regional Occupation List, and access the Second Post-Study Work Stream to live for 2 years more. Priority will also be given to negotiating DAMAs (Designated Area Migration Agreements) specific to different regions.

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