Is Your Australian Visa Rejected? Choose a MARA Registered Migration Agent

Is Your Australian Visa Rejected? Choose a MARA Registered Migration Agent

MARA is the Office of the Registration Migration Agent Authority operated by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection, which operates across Australia and is headquartered in Sydney.

It is mandatory that a Migration Agent Perth, WA should be registered with MARA. If a migration consultant is not registered with MARA, they are not allowed to charge a fee to submit your Visa application. Whether you are looking for an agent in Australia or any part of the world, make sure to hire only those migration agents who are MARA registered.

Why Hiring a Migration Agent?

Hiring a migration agent can give you peace of mind by assuring that your application is sound, though it is finally submitted, and have a higher rate of success. A MARA Registered agent is responsible to ensure the fair chance of approval from the Australian Government. If they keep on submitting a poorly written application, they may get in trouble with getting their license canceled. This is why they take extra care while submitting the application.

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How Much Do Migration Agents Charge?

A MARA registered agent charge up to £1200 to a couple including VAT for migration in 2007. Along with it, they charge an extra £600 for skills assessment including VAT if you are looking for general Skilled Migration visas. Around 10 years ago, the exchange rate was up to 2.5 AUD for 1 pound. So, they paid up to $3000 and $1500 as skills assessment fees.

Along with the charges and fees by MARA registered agent, a fee is also payable for a visa to the Australian government. Unlike the fees charged by a migration agent, government fees have been up significantly over the years. When you paid up to $2000 for a family, today it is around $3600 for your spouse, $1800 for you, and $900 for a child.

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Also, remember that the government fee is non-refundable. It means you may lose all your money to the government in case your application is rejected. So, to avoid this risk, it is better to hire a professional MARA registered agent.

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