Providing Professional Advice for Your Entire Australian Immigration Requirements

Providing Professional Advice for Your Entire Australian Immigration Requirements

Migration or immigration to Australia is a wish for many people, and for those already living there, the next step is to achieve permanent residency or citizenship and we as best and experienced migration agents will help you to attain this. Migration Agent Perth understands your dreams, take a part in it and will guide you throughout the procedure, to make sure you get the prime deal for your migration to Australia. We are providing migration services as migration agents for many years in Australia.

We as your immigration nd migration agent Perth will aid you to achieve your goal by helping you determine which visa to apply for, guiding you with your points test and with lodging application, drafting documents, presenting evidence, liaising with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and following the advancement of your application which will make your migration easy. Our migration agents will also assist you to settle in your new life by giving advice on how to apply for a tax file number, getting driver’s license, the best area to live, and how to look for jobs.

Introduction to Some Migration Types

Skilled Migration

It is an appropriate migration procedure for professionals, tradespersons and recent graduates of Australian Institutions to get permanent residency in Australia. The skilled migration program is fitted for people who are not sponsored by an employer but have suitable skills in specific professions in Australia and can make an instant effect on the Australian economy.

Employer-sponsored Migration

In employer-sponsored migration, corporate peoples employ skilled workers and sponsor their work visas, who have acknowledged qualifications, experience, and skills in specific professions required in Australia.

Family Migration

If a person is in a long-term or committed relationship and lives with an Australian permanent resident or citizen, the person may be eligible for a permanent or temporary partner visa. There are 3 types of Spouse Visa to think about when migrating to Australia. They are – Spouse Marriage, Spouse de-facto, and Prospective marriage visa. All applications are examined on the genuineness of the relationship and couples will need to present that they are in a long-term, committed relationship with each other.

Business Migration

Under the business migration program, one can obtain a business migration visa for Australia and it is suitable for persons who plan to generate new businesses or manage and purchase existing businesses in Australia.

Student Visa

Overseas Student Program (OSP) permits people who are not Australian Citizens or permanent residents to study in the country. An individual who would like to study under this program must acquire a Student Visa prior to starting a course of study. To be granted a Student Visa, the applicant must take on a registered course on full-time basis. If someone wishes to study in Australia for over 3 months, they need to apply for a Student Visa and fulfill specific visa criteria depending on the level of education of the selected course and country of Citizenship.

If you have any queries or want to know more about immigration and migration to Australia, feel free to contact us – Migration Agent Perth, WA. Get in touch with us and get your dream achieved.

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