Get Privilege To Travel Australia With ETA Visa Subclass 601

Get Privilege To Travel Australia With ETA Visa Subclass 601

Do you have current plans to visit Australia for business or tourism purpose? If so, you should apply for Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601 and then enjoy the privilege of travelling to the country as many times you want or staying there for a maximum of 3 months in one visit over one year.

The Tourist Electronic Travel Visa is electronic and is linked to the applicant’s passport and made for only business visitors and general tourists. Suppose you want to spend a holiday and enjoy the Australian beauty, spend some quality time with your family or friends in Australia, or do some recreational activities. In that case, you can easily obtain this visa. The validity for ETA Subclass 601 is about one year, and you can stay for up to 3 months per visit.

While the Business Electronic Travel Visa will allow you to visit Australia for only business-related purposes, we will discuss these purposes in detail in the next section. The validity for this visa is also one year, and a maximum period of stay is allowed for three months.

What An Electronic Travel Authority Visa Subclass 601 Lets You Do?

Your Visitor Visa 601 will let you do the following activities.

  • You can come and stay in Australia for up to three months at one visit.
  • You can spend a holiday or visit your beloved ones who have been living here for years.
  • On a few occasions, this eta 601 visa will allow you to study at an Australian university for up to three months.
  • You can work as an unpaid volunteer for any organization. But you can do a specific job only when an Australian resident cannot get the payment for that employment. For out-of-pocket expenses like meals or accommodation, you can get reimbursements. 
  • You can also get involved in business visitor activities in Australia only if you do not work or provide services for any business company or do not sell products to the general public.

Business activities for which you can get ETA Visitor Visa 601 may include:

  1. Attending any business conference.
  2. Making employment inquiries.
  3. Meaningful investment negotiations.
  4. Participating in seminars and trade fairs.
  5. Signing a business contract.

You can also get this visitor visa if you are associated with activities that are part of any official inter-government visit.

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What Are The Visitor Visa 601 Requirements and Features

Visitor Visa 601 requirements are as follows.

  • Passport: You must have an eligible passport. The passport should include valid information about your country, date of birth, your photo, etc. Well, applicants from a selected number of countries can only apply for this visa. So, before you apply, you should check the list. Except for a genuine passport, you should note that no other travel document or a non-citizen passport is not allowed.
  • Genuine visitor requirement: You must provide a document to suggest that you will stay temporarily and comply with all the conditions and the period of stay mentioned in the visa.
  • Health requirements: Australian government is very strict about the protection of its public health. So, it will never allow anyone who may pose threats to it. You should note that you must not have any severe disease that may infect others, like tuberculosis. So, before you apply, you have to go through several health examinations. You have to check who needs health examinations, when to have these tests, and where to get your body checked.
  • Character requirements: It is one of the essential Visa 601 requirements. You must not have any criminal records to your name, not any forms of immigration detention, too. Moreover, there should have been no records of any association with any suspected group for a successful application. While applying, you should provide all the information truthfully. 
  • No debts: You should have outstanding debts to the Australian government. Even if you have so, you must have arranged for clearance.
  • You have to be outside Australia: Finally, while making the application and at the time of the decision, you should make your application outside Australia.

The basic features of this visa are: you can visit for tourism purposes or business activities, only three month-stay is allowed in one visit, and you can visit Australia as many times you wish.

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Here Are Some 601 Visa Obligations

Once you receive your ETA visa subclass 601, you must obey all the Visa 601 conditions and Australian laws. On each visit, you can stay only for three months, and not more than that. Also, if you get enrolled in the study, you cannot do it for more than three months. You can only work in the following conditions.

  1. You can carry out general inquiries for business or employment.
  2. You can investigate terms, negotiate with the investment regarding signing or reviewing any business contract. 
  3. You can happily participate in any business conference, seminars or trade fairs until you do not get any payment from the organizers.
  4. You can visit Australia on a Business Travel Visa while on an official inter-governmental visit.

Regarding maintaining the obligations, MAP can help you by providing a registered immigration agent.

How Long Does Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601 Last?

It is a very frequently asked question. Well, the validity is 12 months or one year, during which you can enter Australia and stay there for up to three months in each of your visits. According to this Electronic Travel Authority Subclass 601, you cannot usually stay more than three months. But, if you want to stay for a more extended period, you have to apply for another visa, maybe Visitor Visa Subclass 600. Another point you should note here is that if your passport gets expired before your visa, you have to again apply for it.

ETA visa subclass 601 application is a complex procedure itself. So, if you feel that you cannot do it all by yourself, you may get in touch with the top consultants. They have a good number of registered Registered Migration Agent Perth to provide the specific help you need.

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