Tourist Visa Australia Requirements: Your Ultimate Guide!

Tourist Visa Australia Requirements: Your Ultimate Guide!

If you’re not an Australian citizen, you must have a current Australian visa to enter the nation. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa at the airport. All other passport holders must obtain a valid visa before leaving, regardless of age. Applying for various Australian visas, such as those for tourism and work travel, can be done via the Department of Home Affairs website or the ETA app. To acquire a visa subclass 600, you must know the rules and requirements for tourist visa in Australia with sponsor for a Visa subclass 600. A specialist in immigration law may also provide you with guidance with these processes.

Visitor Visa Australia Requirements

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The Australia Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is a short-term travel authorisation that enables its bearer to enter Australia for non-essential travel, including business and tourism. It’s just one of the tourist visa Australia.

However, if you have an Australia Visitor Visa, you cannot work or receive medical care. However, the Department of Home Affairs in Australia says that you can use this kind of visa to enrol in short-term courses. However, if you are travelling for academic purposes, it is advised that you apply for an Australian Study Visa.

Tourist Visa Australia Requirements For Eligibility 

There are several important goals that the country imparts that an applicant must meet to obtain the Visitor Visa 600. Satisfying tourist visa Australia conditions set forth by the Australian government is advantageous to prevent the termination or withdrawal of your visa. You should meticulously fill your application structure with all of the profitable reports.

You must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible to enter the nation with a visa.

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Be A Genuine Visitor:

You must be visiting the nation with legitimate and well-intentioned goals.

Able To Cover All Costs –

You must have enough money to sustain yourself and any dependents for your visit term.

Reasons For Going Back: 

You must have solid ties to your native nation that will guarantee your return following your visit.

Be A Decent Person: 

You have to be a morally pure person with no criminal record. Presenting a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) may be necessary.

Have Good Health.

You must fulfil the minimal standards for health prescribed by the government.

Sustainable Goals

You have to be a sincere tourist who wants to see the nation. You must have previously made the necessary travel arrangements to demonstrate your intention to visit.

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Documents Required For Visitor Visa Australia

To apply for a visitor visa to Australia, you must have the following paperwork:

  1. Passport: A passport or other travel documents that are valid for at least six months.The passport details page should display the passport holder’s personal information, photo, date of issue, and expiration.
  2. National Identity Card: The applicant’s national identity card, if applicable.
  3. Name Change Evidence: Evidence of a name change, if any. This may include:
    • Certificate of marriage
    • A divorce decree
    • Evidence of a name change from an Australian Registry of Deaths, Marriages, or a foreign registry comparable to that in Australia
    • Proof that the applicant has previously used different names
  4. Invitation Letter: An invitation from an Australian-based friend or family. The invitation letter must specify:
    • The inviter’s connection to you
    • The reason for your visit
    • The duration of your stay
    • Whether or not they would cover the cost of your stay in Australia
  5. Invitational Guest’s Identity Document: Such as a passport or residency permit.
  6. Invitational Evidence of Address: Such as utility bills.
  7. Financial Proof: If the inviter is covering the cost of your stay in Australia, you need to provide:
    • Evidence of funds to sustain your stay in Australia
    • Bank records for a minimum of three months
    • Statements from credit cards
    • Set-aside funds
    • Pay stub
    • Tax documentation
  8. Motive for Returning to Your Home Country: Provide evidence of your intent to return, which may include:
    • Employer’s letter indicating the candidate plans to go back to work
    • Evidence of research
    • Proof of assets holding
    • Evidence demonstrating the candidate can return home
    • Evidence proving the applicant’s immediate family members live in their nation of origin
    • Documentation of military service or, if relevant, military release
  9. Additional Documentation for Applicants Under 18: For applicants who are younger than eighteen, the following documentation is needed:
    • Birth certificate with both parents’ names on it
    • Substitute for a birth certificate, which can include a certificate from the government, a document from the court, a family bible with both parents’ names on it, or a register of family censuses
  10. Medical Evaluations: If necessary, provide medical evaluations.


A type of non-immigrant visa is the Australia Tourist or Visitor Visa. It permits foreign nationals to go to and remain temporarily in Australia. Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need an Australian visa to enter the country. 

For many people, applying for, receiving, and processing a visa is a lot of work. But it’s difficult to traverse international borders without a valid visa. Furthermore, obtaining an Australia travel visa is a necessary step if you intend to travel to Australia.

Obtaining an Australian visiting visa is not complex despite Australia’s stringent immigration policies. Given that the entire procedure is completed online. You can get assistance from a migration agent in Perth for guidance.

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