How To Get A Visitor Visa 600 Extension To Stay In Australia?

How To Get A Visitor Visa 600 Extension To Stay In Australia?

Australia witnesses huge flocks of visitors every year. Thousands of people visit Australia as tourists, for business purposes, as students, or to visit friends or family. If you come from a country other than New Zealand, you will need a Visitor Visa Australia, commonly known as Visitor Visa 600. Most tourists feel sad to leave this beautiful country, but still, they have to because their visas get expired.

Generally, Visitor Visa Subclass 600 has a validity of 3 months. People visiting Australia for business reasons are given a 12-month visa, where they have to leave the country after every three months. But, sometimes, a situation may arise where you may become unable to leave the country because of some emergencies, just like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Then, you have to apply for a 600 Visa Extension.

Things To Know About Visitor Visa 600 Australia

Holders of Visitor Visa Subclass 600 can visit Australia for a minimum period of three months to a maximum of twelve months. Usually, there are five streams of this Visitor Visa 600: Tourist Stream, Business Visitor, Approved Destination Stream, Sponsored Family, and Frequent Traveller Stream.

To apply for the Visitor Visa Australia, you must fill the application form and meet the standard eligibility criteria. If you have any record of holding a visa previously, you have to demonstrate that you have maintained all the rules and regulations. Apart from that, you must have sufficient economic condition to support yourself and your companions while visiting, have the necessary health and character certifications and hold a 12-month health insurance cover. One thing you should not forget that family members cannot get included on a single application of visa subclass 600. Those who will wish to visit Australia should lodge separate applications.

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How to Apply For A Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Extension?

Suppose you require a stay extension in Australia for a period that is more than what your Visitor Visa Australia allows. In that case, you need to apply for a Visitor Visa 600 Extension of the same visa or application for any other visa. Other visa options like Work TSS 482 Visa, Student Visa Subclass 500 or Permanent Work Visa Subclass 186, and a lot more. 600 Visa Extension or application for a new visa will take a significant time to get processed. So, it’s better to plan quite early. The visa you will choose will depend on two factors, your eligibility and the purpose for the extended stay.

Steps For Your 600 Visa Extension

Here are the steps to follow for your 600 Visa Extension.

  1. Decide how long you will want to stay in Australia: Usually, tourists can last for up to three months in Australia on their visa. So, it is essential to decide how long you will remain in Australia because visa options will depend on it. If you want to stay in Australia for 12 months, you need not do a visa extension because the maximum possible period one can stay in Australia with a visitor visa is one year.
  2. Check how much time is left on your current visitor visa: Once you have decided on the duration of your stay in Australia, you need to check how much time you have in your hand. We generally recommend applying quite early for a visa extension. If you have at least 3 weeks, then it’s absolutely fine. But don’t wait for too long.
  3. Go for the suitable visa option: As you can apply for an entirely new type of visa for the extension period, you should choose the perfect choice for you, depending on your situation. If your fund is short, it will not be adequate to apply for a Visitor Visa 600 Extension because you cannot do any affordable job on a tourist visa. If you are a partner or child of an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident, you can apply for a work or study visa in Australia.
  4. Choose the visa according to your situation: You should choose the most suitable visa extension option, according to your situation. You may become eligible for more than one visa option like work and holiday or a partner visa. Work and holiday visas offer fewer restrictions relative to partner visas. If you do not require to earn money, you can extend your Tourist Visa 600 Australia because that will be the cheapest and most straightforward.
  5. Check whether your current visitor visa has any ‘no further stay’ condition or not: This is an essential check that you should carry out. A ‘no further stay’, as you can understand, will make you leave Australia once your visa gets expired. But, generally, this condition is imposed on exceptional cases like the country the applicant is coming from or any previous record of non-compliance with Australian visa regulations. As there is an ongoing COVID-19 crisis over the last year, you need to give a written request to waive your ‘no further stay condition, if applicable.
  6. Make your supporting documentation ready: We assume that you don’t have any ‘no further stay’ condition on your Visitor Visa Subclass 600. So, now you must keep your supporting documents ready to proceed with your visa extension application. You need to show the same documents which you have submitted in the first application.
  7. Apply for your new visa and go through a health check: Once you gather all your documents, you must now fill the application form online on the Department of Home Affairs website. You should also go through a health check within 28 days of your application.
  8. Wait for the approval of your new visa: If your current visa expires while the application is underway, you will be granted a bridging visa by the Australian Government.

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Visa Subclass 600 Extension Cost In Australia

Getting an idea of the visa cost is important before you start the processing. Approximately, the 600 visa extension fee is around $345.

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