10 Easiest Ways to Get Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489

10 Easiest Ways to Get Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489

Australia authority government has offered two kinds of visas subclass to applicants under visa subclass 489 schemes. First one is called Permanent Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190), & the other one is called Temporary skilled regional (provisional) visas. Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489 allows the migrants to reside in regional Western Australia.

Process of Obtaining Visa Subclass 489:

To apply for these visas the candidates have to submit an eligible expression of interest in the Department of Home Affairs. (Skilled Select Database).

First of all the candidates has to submit original documents with proper evidence to get the visa subclass 489.

If the candidate has to submit the EOI it indicates that the person gets the nomination from Western Australia, any territory or state. The candidates must have 65 scores in the department of home affairs points test. These scores have to be automatically incorporating in candidates EOI.

The candidates must have five points to apply for skilled nominated visas subclass 190.

In provisional visa, the candidates must have 10 points for the skilled regional provisional visa subclass 489.

In candidates nominated occupation the candidates must have skills assessment that suitable for permanent migration. The candidates can get information about these visas from home affairs website that offers more information about skills assessments and skills assessing authorities.

If you are using the graduate stream, then under these visas numerous nominated occupations are available for your intended visa subclass on the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list.

Subclass 489 visa is the simplest way to get permanent residency in Australia:

If you are a graduate stream, then the candidates can easily get jobs according to qualification type (Ph.D. and Masters Graduates or Bachelors, higher degree graduates). If you are applying according to the conditions of the graduate stream then the details of address, postcode must be incorporating in EOI.

English Requirement for Subclass visa 489 for Further Processing:

The Australian assessing authorities need English test results in order to showcase the skills of the candidates. The candidate’s age must be less than 45 years to apply subclass visa 489. The candidates have to submit all the work experience in the relevant field. If in case the candidates have completed a Masters or Ph.D. in Western Australia then their work experience is waived according to Western Australian state nomination. The candidates have to select any preferred state or territory according to their taste.

What is 489 visa conditions?

For this test, WA migration services will send an email to the state nomination application form. The candidates have to 28 days to complete the application form. This test consists of three multiple questionnaires that test your capabilities and knowledge of Western Australia. Even they will forward some links that relevant to websites and helps in your research work.

If candidates want to become successful, his applications must meet with state nomination criteria that incorporate all the additional requirements that are necessary to apply this application form. Even the department asked to provide evidence provide of all documents in the verification process. All the clarification has to properly process during the visa application process. There are nonrefundable fees of $200 for this application procedure. If the whole process of the file is too successful the visa migration services nominated the candidates.

What Migration Expert Says about Visa Subclass 489?

According to Migration Agent Perth after the nomination process, the candidates have to receive an invitation from the Department of home affairs for visas. All the successful candidates have to register with the settlement services team after getting the approval of the nomination process. They have to the preparation of sufficient funds for a period of three months in order to cover settlement costs if the candidates are not presently residing in Australia. There is a proper survey of at least the period of six months for approximately two years period.


This is visas that are specially designed for skilled candidates. All the candidates who have Ph.D., honor degree or bachelor degree & highest work experience, having highest English level proficiency test, highest skills points scores have received an invitation in the first attempt under visa subclass 489.

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