Student Visa Australia – A Guide For Overseas Students

Student Visa Australia – A Guide For Overseas Students

“Success is not assured with shortcuts, it is achieved by doing hard work and using the career opportunities in a correct manner”. I am talking here about the opportunity that you have received from an educational institute in Australia that you have applied a few months ago, you can apply for Student Visa Australia.

What are you thinking now? At this point in time, when education is a must for you to make a good career you should not miss this chance. You should try for the Student visa Australia to get the educational benefits. If you have got an offer from a University to complete your education then you don’t need better eligibility criteria than this.

If you are the same aspirant then you fall in the category of student visa subclass 500. For this visa, you have to be enrolled for a particular course and you should have OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) that shows you are fit to relocate yourself to Australia.

Once you get your visa, you can sponsor your family member also. In this way, you can manage to live with your closed one in Australia. Another condition beside student health cover is that you should have a welfare arrangement certificate to show it to the visa authorities. This certificate is proof that you have life insurance and you will be able to organize your well-being in Australia.

Moving onto the confirmation for this visa, you have to get CoE that is confirmation of enrolment from the University you have selected. If you are applying for Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, you have to make a note of CoE first. University has to verify your student acceptance and payment agreement to send you this certificate.It is a part of your 485 visa Checklist that you have to complete for the applied visa application.

Process for Student Visa Australia

The process for clearing the student visa application requires you to have the desired skills, knowledge and also you have to complete some of the legal documents. These are the essential things to confirm your identity and the purpose of your immigration to Australia. There is no age limit to apply for the student visa but there is a proper format that is important to follow.

  • Select the course and University
  • Submit an application regarding the admission purpose
  • Receiving an offer letter and confirmation (CoE)
  • Apply for a visa according to student visa 500 checklist

You can easily complete these requirements using an online system for applying fora visa. You have to only care of the documents that need to be submitted at the time of the visa application process. You can also take help of a migration agent if you face any issues regarding the student visa Australia process. You will be guided by the migration agent in a sequential manner.

Eligibility Criteria for fulfilling 485 visa requirements

With the help of 485 graduate visa, you will be allowed to stay and earn in Australia after you complete your academics. However, there is an eligibility criterion that you need to follow-

  • Your visa should be valid with the necessary information
  • Although there is no age limit for a student visa the age criteria for 485 graduate visa is that you should be under the age of 50
  • You should be qualified with a CRICOS registered course

Benefits of Student Visa Australia

After going through the description of the visa subclass 485 processes, you can experience some of the benefits-

  • Getting education that too with a renowned institution in Australia is like a power booster to your career. After completing your education, you can choose any occupation that matches the skills you have using subclass 485 visa.
  • Using 485 visa Australia, you can work in Australia and can also bring your family members with you. Working in Australia is everyone’s dream and if you get this chance you should give your best to it. This will be a good start for your career. Also, you can try for other opportunities from this one.

The student visa Australia clearance process takes time and a lot of effort that is for sure but what is your part is to enhance your skills according to the visa needs. You can smartly get an education from an Australian institution and can enjoy the working/traveling there.

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