What are the Services Provided by Migration Agent Perth?

What are the Services Provided by Migration Agent Perth?

Migration to another country is not so easy. You have to go through many hurdles to get a visa. The application process in itself is very troublesome and confusing. The whole procedure is a challenging one. To come out of all this trouble, we take the help of a migration agent because the agent understands the laws and technicalities related to immigration. Migration Agent Perth also helps people who want to migrate to Australia.

What all services Migration Agent Perth offers?

There are numerous Services Provided by Migration Agent Perth to the clients related to Australian Visa and migration. These services can be broadly classified into two main categories – Visa and Migration.

Visa Services

Migration Agent Perth offers help in obtaining several types of visas. They are:

  • 186 Visa: Under the Employer Nomination Scheme, 186 Visa is a permanent residence visa given to individuals nominated by the state for a skilled job.
  • 187 Visa: Under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, 187 Visa is a permanent residence visa given to a person nominated by a registered employer to work in regional Australia.
  • 190 Visa: Also called the Skilled Nominated Visa, 190 Visa is given to skilled individuals who are nominated by a state or territory government in Australia.
  • 457 Visa: It is temporary skilled worker visa for a temporary stay in Australia for a skilled job.
  • Visitor Visa: It is a temporary stay visa for a stay up to a few months for people on a short visit to Australia as a tourist or business person. It is named visa subclass 600.
  • Parent Visa: It is a permanent stay visa for the parents of a person who is a permanent resident or a citizen of Australia.
  • Partner Visa: A partner visa allows the relationship partner of a person to stay in Australia.
  • Student Visa: This visa also known as visa subclass 500 allows a stay up to five years for studying in Australia.
  • Student PR Pathways: Student PR allows a student to extend the stay in Australia and gain the status of a permanent resident.
  • Resident Return Visa: This visa allows international travel in Australia for those who are a current or a former permanent residents of Australia.
  • Special Purpose Visa: This visa is issued to some special people for a temporary stay in Australia.

Migration Services

Migration Agent Perth also helps in several kinds of migration services for migrating to Australia. They are:

  • General Skilled Migration: General skilled migration allows temporary stay in Australia for a skilled job.
  • Employer Sponsored Migration: This type of migration is approved for those who are nominated for a skilled job by an Australian employer.
  • Partner Migration: Partner migration allows the partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident to stay in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Business Migration: Business migration refers to the temporary migration of a person who wants to do business in Australia with some investment.
  • Parent Migration: Parent migration allows the parents of a person to live in Australia.
  • Child Migration: Child migration allows the child of an Australian PR or citizen to live in Australia.
  • Refusals and Cancellations: The migration agents can help you save your visa from refusal or cancellation.
  • Australian Citizenship: A permanent resident of Australia is granted Australian citizenship and then he or she can enjoy every right as an Australian citizen.

These are the services that are offered by Migration Agent Perth. We are always ready to help you out in any kind of Australian visa and migration problem. For any queries, contact Migration Agent Perth.

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