How Long Can It Take To Process My Australian Citizenship Application?

How Long Can It Take To Process My Australian Citizenship Application?

When can I apply for Australian citizenship and what is the Australian citizenship processing time?

To apply for Australian Citizenship, you need to have fulfilled the following residential rules:

  • You must be living in Australia for four years including the last year immediately before applying as a Permanent Resident.
  • You cannot be absent from Australia in these four years, including no more than 90 days of absence in the last year before applying for citizenship.

You can be eligible only if you comply with the above laws and willing to keep close relations with Australia. However, situations are different for people below 17 or above 60, or seriously challenged mentally or physically.

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Next, you have to prepare for a citizenship test and gather all your required original documents. Lodge your citizenship application, which can be done online or at the nearest departmental office. Make sure you have attested certified copies of all required documents and photographs. When you finally get a citizenship appointment, come in person and an authorized officer will check your original documents and take your citizenship test. Allot a maximum of two hours for this appointment. And after you get a notification about the department’s decision and if it is affirmative, then you have to attend the Australian Citizenship Ceremony, where you have to take the Citizenship Pledge.

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The entire procedure of attaining citizenship can take a minimum of 6 months and keeps varying from application to application.

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