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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa Definition

Working Holiday Visa is quite popular among the young visitors as it provides the opportunity to explore the amazing lifestyle of Australia and at the same time lets you study and work with an Australian employer.

So, if you also have that Australian dream and aspire to holiday in the country and also want to work during your stay than you can apply for Working Holiday Visa Australia. It’s a golden opportunity to add expertise to your career niche while holidaying in the wonderful nation.

This visa allows you to stay in the country for one year and you can work with two different companies (six months with each employer) during your stay.

In order to get the visa grant the applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria of the Working Holiday Visa such as health and character requirements. You must hold a valid passport from an eligible country to apply for this visa.

Categories of Working Holiday Visa:

Working Holiday Subclass 417 Visa

Working Holiday Subclass 417Visa is available for the applicants with a valid passport from an eligible country. This visa lets the young individuals to holiday and work concurrently for a period of one year. The eligible applicants of this visa must be older than 18 years and less than 31 years of age. During the valid visa period the Working Holiday Visa holders can travel to and from Australia for any number of times.

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 462

Applicants with Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 can travel to Australia as a tourist or for business purpose for duration of one year. The applicants must be between 18-31 years of age to lodge an application for this visa and must not have a dependent child along with them while their stay. Depending on eligibility criteria the holders of this visa can even apply to study the course of their choice for maximum of 4 months in the country.

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