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What is Student Visa?

In simple words, when an international student stays in Australia for the purpose of study on a temporary basis, then he can stay there on the basis of tourist visa or student visa. By international student, it means someone who is not the citizen or PR of Australia or permanent visa holder. A student visa is required when you need to do full-time study for a period of 3 months at any educational institution in Australia.

A country like Australia provides you chances to study on a full-time basis or while you are working or on a holiday.


1. Higher education (573)

2. AusAID and Defence (576)

What Studen Visa Lets you Do?

  • You have right to stay in Australia during your course.
  • You have right for multiple entries in Australia.
  • You and your family member have right to work up to 40 hours per night during your course.
  • Your spouse or partner also has the right to study in Australia for about 3 months.

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Who gets the Student Visa?

You can apply for the Student Visa by studying English Courses which include general English and IELTS course or by studying Vocational courses related to Business, Marketing, Tourism, Sport & Fitness. If you are a part of te University Courses like Bachelor's degree or Master degree, then also you can apply for the same. If you are looking to stay in Australia for an extended period of time and want to get all the details regarding Student Visa, then the Migration Agent Perth is the best option to pick.

Migration Agent Perth is eager to hear from you regarding your Student visa queries.

Requirements for Student Visa

1. Financial requirements

To apply for the Student visa you need to be financially capable for the tuition, travel and living costs.

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2. English Language requirements

English speaking ability plays a very major role when it comes to getting the Student Visa in Australia. If you are able to speak or write in English, your chances of getting the student visa automatically increases.

3. Health Requirements

Students should also pass the health requirement criteria. He/she should be physically and mentally healthy and it should be approved by the Australian Immigration Department. It mainly includes Australian Health Requirement and Overseas Student Health Cover.

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4. Character Requirements

To enter Australia, you need to hold a good character certificate. This process includes your criminal record check and you also need to acquire a penal clearance certificate or a police certificate for this process. To avail more information regarding Student Visa application fee or its requirements, feel free to contact Migration Agent Perth.

Please do not hesitate to call to Migration Agent Perth for enquiries on the Student Visa and we will be ready to assist you regarding your visa requirements.

Benefit Of Holding A Student Visa:

By holding the Student Visa, you get the perfect way to stay in Australia and it includes numerous benefit too like:

  • You can work while studying in Australia.
  • You have the option of Long-term as well as short-term visa.
  • There is no age limitation attached to Student Visa.
  • You get the chance to obtain an Australian diploma.
  • This also includes benefits for your partner and family members as well.

If you need any professional help regarding the application process of Student Visa, get in touch with professional and efficient services of Migration Agent Perth.

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