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Resident return Visa

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What is Resident Return Visa?

The resident return visa is that type of visa which is for the current or former permanent residents and former citizens of Australia; who want to travel overseas and then return to Australia as PRs. These types of visas come under subclasses 155 and 157. The main advantage of these is that it keeps you regain your status of a PR in Australia. But this validity is applicable only for Australian citizens. They can regain their status, but for non-citizens; they need a visa to enter and stay in Australia.

Subsections related to Resident Return Visa:

Subclass 155 The most simple and easy way to get a resident return visa includes the holder of this to leave and re-enter the country i.e. Australia for 5 years.

Subclass 157 The subclass 157 of resident return visa is for those who are not eligible for subclass 155 of the same. It makes the holder of RRV leave Australia only for a period of three months.

What this visa lets you do?
  • If you become the holder of resident return visa Australia, you automatically can stay in Australia as an Australian PR for an indefinite period of time.
  • This visa lets you travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years from the date you become the holder of RRV.
  • If the traveling facility expires, you need to apply for the new permanent Visa in order to leave and return to Australia.

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Who gets the Resident Return Visa?

You can get this visa in case you:

  • If you are a holder of RRV for Australia, you can stay in there for an indefinite period. This period is mainly for 5 years from the date of granting the visa.
  • If you require traveling outside Australia, you need the RRV.
  • If a family member of yours need to travel outside Australia, then also there is a need of RRV.
  • If you are a PR of Australia and your visa has expired, then you need the RRV to re-enter Australia.
  • In case you lost or renounced your citizenship, then also you need the RRV.

Requirements for Resident Return Visa

To get eligible for the resident return visa, one must spend at least 2 years in Australia out of five. In case, you are living with your family members or have substantial ties to Australia through employment; they are also eligible for the RRV. The positive point of this type of visa is that it has comparatively few restrictions as compare to other visas. If you need any other information regarding the resident return visa fee or its eligibility, then do connect to the professional and proficient services of Registered Migration Agent Perth.

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Resident Return Visa Processing Time

If you are really looking forward to applying for a Resident Return Visa, then it is preferable that you should apply for it before 3 months of your traveling. Applications are processed much quicker if you give valid and full information about yourself to the officials.
So for better services, do concern the Migration Agent Perth which can impart you the best information as per your requirements.

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