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Other Family Visas

Other Family Visas Definition

Immigration of Australia in an attempt to get family members together have introduced different sort of Family visa till date. This is the reason many People were able to bring their parents, children, partners and other family members to Australia while abiding by certain criteria’s. Due to its progressive welcoming nature and Australia has become very popular among Students, job-seekers and individuals finding business opportunities.

Categories of Other Family Visas:

New Zealand citizen family relationship visa 461

Non-New Zealand citizens who wish to visit Australia and live with their New Zealand citizen family member that are Special Category visa holder can apply for Subclass 461 Visa. The validity of this visa is five years.

Remaining relative visa subclass 115 - Offshore

Remaining relatives visa Subclass 115 authorizes the lone near relatives of the Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to settle in Australia permanently. You must provide the evidence of sponsorship and financial support from the said relative to support your stay in the country.

Remaining relative visa subclass 835

This visa is issued to the applicants who have sponsorship from the near relatives in Australia. Remaining Relative Visa subclass 835 is a permanent visa which allows the near relative of Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia permanently. One has to be in Australia to apply for this visa.

Carer visa subclass 116

Candidates who wish to care for their relatives in Australia with a long lasting or permanent medical situationmay apply for Carer Visa. This visa is also available to you in case you want to land a helping hand to the relative already serving the affected family member.

Carer visa subclass 836

Carer visa 836 is issued to the applicants who want to take of their relatives in Australia with permanent medical condition. This visa is copy of 116 carer visas with a slight difference that is one has to be in Australia while applying for this visa.

Both these carer visas are issued if the Australian family member fails to get the proper care from any other relevant source in the country.

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