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There are a number of work visas available in Australia depending upon your skills, requirements, and eligibility. A lot of working professionals travel to Australia every year in order to work or settle here. The Australian government has a stringent program called Skill Select to scrutinize applicants applying for a work visa.
Amongst many other visa options, one option available for working professionals is 'Employer Sponsored Migration'. Under employer sponsored visas, overseas as well as Australian businesses can sponsor skilled workers who possess eligible skills and qualifications to work in Australia.
If you come under this category, we can help you. We, a migration firm facilitate your visa process is a seamless and effortless manner. Contact us for any immigration issue and we will try our best to resolve it.

Employer Sponsored Migration Australia

Eligible employers who desire to sponsor a skilled worker from overseas destination to Australia for a temporary or permanent visa must have an occupation listed in CSOL - Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List, with the only exception to Labour Agreements. If the occupation isn't listed in CSOL then the employer may consider labour agreement.

Professionals applying for Employer Sponsored Migration Visas, unlike General Skilled Migration Visas are not point tested. However, all prospective applicants must meet the stated requirements and qualifications to acquire this visa. All sponsorship applications are administered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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Eligibility For Employer-Sponsored Visa

You are eligible for a sponsored or nominated work visa when amongst other things; you are sponsored or nominated by:

  • A territory or state authority
  • A territory or state government agency
  • An approved and authentic Australian business or employer

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Employer Sponsored Visa Facility by Us

We are registered Migration Agent In Perth and commence our services as approved by MARA, Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia. Amongst many other visa services, we offer visa facilities for Employer Sponsored Migration Australia and streamline the process for you. There are a number of requirements for applying for sponsored visa; we take care of these and make your visa acquiring process hassle free.

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Now getting a employer sponsored migration Australia is much easier. If you are a skilled person and have a sponsor in Australia as well, Call our migration agents Perth for guidance today!

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