How To Get PR In Australia With Student Visa?

How To Get PR In Australia With Student Visa?

Permanent Residency in Australia through your Student Visa

The beautiful island continent of Australia also offers world class college education and even PG studies. Studying in Australia opens up numerous employment opportunities. Also, there are very easy scholarship programs and with easy student exchange norms between India and Australia it is practical to seek higher education here. Most students are able to qualify for vacancies immediately after their college exams.

PR in Australia

After your study in Australia, what if you don’t want to go back? But you are concerned about the expiry of your student visa. You need not worry about the visa norms as you would no longer need one! Just apply for a PR in Australia.

Migration agent Perth is a pioneer in acquiring Permanent Residency in Australia. We gather a better understanding of your requirements through the sub-classes of visa that you have procured.

So, if you are planning to study in Australia or have just got a placement and had been managing on your student visa, then just contact us or log on to our website immediately.

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Why should you apply for a PR in Australia?

Australia is also a multi-cultural society like India and you would not find much of a difference. As of 2012-13, over 12,600 Indian students were enrolled in Australian universities. Australian permanent residency rules, just like their 186 visa or student visa rules are not so strict. You need not haggle with renewal of visa and also risk your job in case of any changes in government visa regulations. A PR in Australia also increases your employer’s confidence.

As far as your study in Australia is concerned, you have ten of the 50 best world universities, according to QS world rankings, in this beautiful island continent. Mostly Hotel Management and Management Studies are commonly chosen subjects here.

Adapting to the Climate

Australia lies in the southern hemisphere and its climate, though not much different from India, varies with the time of the year. Australia has a summer Christmas. It’s Summer in December. But it’s very easy to adapt to this climate because of the moderating effect of the surrounding ocean and the beautiful, calm beaches. New South Wales and Queensland, where Brisbane is located, have most of the Indian population residing there.

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This is the best advantage of acquiring a pr in Australia. You need not adjust at the university accommodations. You can easily get a rent accommodation.

Give us a call on our phone number for acquiring PR in Australia.

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