Difference Between Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Difference Between Australian Permanent Residency and Citizenship
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The country of Australia is visited by many people for separate purposes. Some of them come to enjoy the sights and scenery as a tourist, some may come to study or work, and some may visit for business purposes. As the prevailing rule, the foreign visitor must have a valid substantive visa to stay for a specified period of time. Nearer to the visa expiry date, the candidate must extend, re-apply, or go for another visa. If the old visa expires and the new visa is in the processing phase, then there is the option of the bridging visa. But ultimately, the visitor must go back to his or her country, as no visa allows them to stay forever. However, there is a way to achieve that feat.

The way to stay indefinitely

The ministry of Australia has one of two ways for you if you wish to call Australia your new home. You can either apply for a permanent residency Australia, which will enable you to enjoy specific rights that the bona fide residents of Australia enjoy; or you can go for the test of residency, which will allow you to become a registered citizen of Australia and get to enjoy all the benefits the country has to offer, however, it must be kept in mind, that when you are going to apply for Australian Citizenship, you will have to obey the rules and regulation associated with them. Additionally, the country of Australia allows a contender to have dual citizenship, but the origin country may not. In that case, the applicant may have to surrender one citizenship.

The differences

Although both of the ways can give the bearer the right to stay and work indefinitely in Australia, there are differences in the rules, benefits, and other factors. A permanent residency, although it gives the bearer the right to reside indefinitely; in case of entry or exit, the scene becomes different. Without a valid permanent visa with an approved travel authority, the bearer of permanent residency Australia will not be allowed to travel internationally. There are several other parameters that differ from the rights of a citizen, which can be listed as given below;

ParametersAustralian Permanent ResidentAustralian Citizen
Traveling RightsRestricted rights; as a permanent resident will have to produce upon asking a valid permanent visa with an approved travel authority to retain the right to enter AustraliaUnrestricted international traveling with an automatic right of entry in the country.
Voting RightsIn most of the cases, the permanent resident of Australia cannot vote; however, if they were enrolled before 1984 as a British subject, he or she may vote in the elections.Full voting rights in Australian government elections
Administration Services and BenefitsEntitlement for government services and benefits is governed by the rules fixed by the appropriate government agency accountable for the service or benefit.The benefits and services from the government will depend on the rules and regulations existing within the body responsible for providing the same.

To be awarded the permanent residency in Australia, the candidate must hold a recent visa that allows them to live in Australia until further notice. If the visa only permits them to stay for a definite time, like a student or work visa, they will have to make a separate request for permanent residency. The period of permanent residency Australia will either begin at the date of entry in Australia if the applicant received his or her visa away from the country or on the issuing date of the visa if it was applied within the borders of Australia.

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For professional or skilled immigrants

If the applicant falls within the category of a professional or skilled migrant, they can get permanent residency by procuring a subclass 887 visa which is also known as the Skilled Regional Visa. To meet the requirements, the candidate must:

  • have survived in a specific regional area for at least 2 years, or attained funding under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme,
  • have operated in that indicated regional area for at least 12 months, and
  • At present hold, a subclass 489, or a Skilled Independent Visa, or subclasses 475 or 487), or a Skilled Designated Area Visa.

If there’s an application for a subclass 487, 495 or 489 visas and now you are holding a bridging visa B or A, you will also be eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa.

The conditions of citizenship

In general, any individual above the age of 18 can apply for Australian Citizenship. However, the general regulations they must pass can be surmised as;

  • They must pass the citizenship test (not applicable in case of applicants over the age of 60)
  • They must be a permanent resident at the time they apply for Australian Citizenship, and also at the time of judgment.
  • The candidates must fulfill the habitation requirement; which is essentially the following:

i. The individual must complete a period of four years’ lawful stay as a permanent resident before they can apply for citizenship. ii. They must have spent at least 1 year as a permanent resident iii. They must not be away from Australia for more than 12 months iv. The candidate must not leave Australia for more than 90 days in the 12 months

  • The applicants shall be expected to live, or to carry on living in Australia or to continue a close and ongoing link with Australia.
  • The candidate must satisfy the health and character requirement.

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