What is Legal and Hassle free immigration process to move to Australia

What is Legal and Hassle free immigration process to move to Australia

If you want to settle abroad, then Australia is the best country to settle permanently. Across the world, a massive number of people today prefer to go Australia and apply through Australian Immigration Department. To migrate to Australia Permanent and Temporary are the two major routes. In these routes, there are many routes to stay in Australia. Working holiday, skilled worker and overseas student are few categories included under Temporary immigration.

Usually, the candidates of Australian Permanent resident get stuck by counterfeit agents who fool applicants so that they can make more money from them. However, by using improper pathways or routes is completely illegal to go to Australia and therefore, should be avoided under any circumstances.  For Permanent residency and Australian immigration, it is necessary that you should always appoint a trusted and registered migration agent.  Most of the applicants cannot use professional and flexible means of immigration to Australia due to their insufficient knowledge. So, what is the untroubled yet legal way to go Australia permanently?

To encourage proficient and experienced migrants Australia has created many permanent residence visa options. The one who wants to stay in Australia can enroll for a permanent residence visa. In addition, you have the choice to appeal for Australian citizenship, once after residing on permanent residence visas for some beginning years.

The legal way to go to Australia

Australia’s general skilled migration (GSM) program is very popular among those who wish to visit Permanent Residence (PR) and Migrate Australia. GSM adheres to a point system that assesses the profiles presented for Australia PR on the basis of their age, education, English skill, work experience etc. Top ranking profiles of applicants receive invitations from DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection).

Popularly, those who are not sponsored by employers or family members (under the Family Migration Program), want to migrate to Australia, apply under the General Migration (GSM) Program.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) on 2012, July 1 launched its Skill Selection Program that effects how personal appeal under the GSM program. Instead of directly inquiring for a visa, a person now offers the expression of interest (EOI) and the applicant can lodge for a visa once after being welcomed by the DIAC.  Within 60 days when invited, a person can lodge through the Skillselect program their application.

General skilled migration is based on the points-based system of immigration. Foreign skilled workers wishing to apply for permanent or temporary visas in Australia register their profiles and give EOI (expression of interest) in GSM’s online skill selection system. Applicants need to score a minimum of 60 marks on the basis of age, work experience, language skills, and qualifications etc. to eligible for GSM.

The applicant must complete all base norms for the relevant Visa Subclass to deposit Expression of interest. Before submitting your EOI, if you do not meet base norms, you will need to abandon the visa. An EOI can be stored and can be returned later if you are not able to meet Expression of interested submission criteria. In case, if you have not submitted Expression of interest that can be stored in Skillselect for two years but you will not qualify to get invitations.

The following are the three major visa choice under General skilled migration:

Permanent Visa

  • Skilled Independent subclass visa 189 (Permanent): This Permanent residence visa enables the applier to stay and work in Australia. The applicant can enroll through Skillselect directly, i.e. In Australia, the applicant is required to have any state or employer sponsorship.
  • Skilled Nominated Subclass visa 190 (Permanent): This is a Permanent residence visa. In order to lodge an application for this visa, the applicants are required to get state sponsorship.

Temporary visa

  • Skilled regional (provisional) subclass 489 visa: In order to apply for this visa, the applicants are required to have a nomination from a family residing in Australia or from Regional Australia. Under this visa, for 4 years the applicant can live and work in Australia.

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