The Australian Visitor Visa 600 Document Checklist!

The Australian Visitor Visa 600 Document Checklist!

Due to many factors, Australia draws tourists from all over the world. A traveller must acquire a current visitor visa in Australia depending on the basis for their trip. Your visitor visa’s kind will rely on your visit’s sole objective, which may be a vacation, a leisure activity, medical care, business travel, or a visit to a relative or friend.

The location and duration of your trip to Australia are both determined by your Australia immigration visa, which offers a wide range of options.


Visitor Visa 600

Foreign nationals who want to go to Australia must require an entry permit known as an Australian Tourist Visa. This kind of visa enables qualified travellers to participate in sightseeing tours, cruises, cultural events, or casual get-togethers with loved ones.

Australia doesn’t have strict procedures for obtaining a tourist visa. One must fulfil the requirements for a tourist visa in Australia. You only need to comply with the appropriate rules and regulations and have a sufficient financial reserve in addition to visiting Australia.

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Documents Required For An Australian Tourist Visa

For a successful visitor visa application to Australia, a few critical documents are needed. The procedures include assembling the required documentation per the Australia tourist visa checklist to support your identity and lawful intent to visit Australia.

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Identification Documents

Your identification must be confirmed using the identity documents when you apply for an Australian visa. Your valid passport is the most crucial piece of identification because it provides all the necessary details, like your name, date of birth, passport number, and expiration date. The travel permit has your biometric image on it.

The visitor visa Australia checklist for identification documents is as follows:

  • An active passport
  • National identification card (if necessary)
  • Proof of a name change, if necessary
  • Marriage licence
  • The divorce decree
  • Documentation from the appropriate authority proving a name change

Genuine Visitor Information

To apply for a visitor visa to Australia, you must prove that you have a genuine temporary entrant. Give as much evidence as you can to demonstrate that you are simply a temporary tourist to Australia. It may comprise:

  • Evidence that you have the resources necessary to leave Australia and stay there, such as personal bank statements, pay stubs, audited financial statements, tax returns, or a credit card limit.
  • A letter asking you to visit from a friend or relative in Australia. The letter could mention:
  • Their connection
  • The reason for your trip and how long you remain
  • If you intend to remain with them, provide evidence of the person’s financial resources if they are paying for your stay.
  • Your travel plans to Australia.

You must add your justifications for going home in the visitor visa 600 checklists with the following documents:

  • A letter from your employer stating that you intend to work again
  • Evidence proving you attend a school, college, or university in your country of origin
  • Proof that you have close relatives in your country of origin
  • Evidence that you can go home
  • Proof that you have a home or other significant assets in you

Financial Information

Australia visits visa requirements for financial status are as follows:

  • Personal and business bank statements with a consistent history of savings
  • Records demonstrating sound financial standing
  • Documents proving ownership of money or property
  • Evidence of taxes paid over the last three years

Additionally, if an Australian friend or relative will be covering the cost of your stay, you should have a Statutory Declaration verifying their ability to pay.

Employment Data

  • Letter from the company confirming the contact information of the person supplying the letter and indicating your position, pay, and length of employment (for employed travellers)
  • Documentation proving business registration (for independent travellers)
  • Proof of retirement (for retirees who travel)

International students who intend to go to Australia on a tourist visa must present documentation proving their enrollment, such as an official letter from their school.

Additional Documents Required For Parents

Parents and step-parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents should send us a letter saying the following when applying for a visa that is valid for more than 12 months:

  • You are the biological or adoptive parent of a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • You desire to apply for a lengthier visa.

Additionally, you must show in your visitor visa application identification proving your child’s citizenship or lawful presence in Australia. The department may request proof of valid health insurance coverage from you.

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Translate all written materials that are not in English. The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters certifies translators in Australia. However, accreditation is optional if you are outside of Australia. However, each translation must bear-

  • Full name, 
  • Address, 
  • Phone number, 
  • Education, and 
  • Training in the language being translated.

They have to be composed in English.


A visitor visa subclass 600 is for tourists and business travellers. It enables you to visit your family in Australia and to enrol in and complete short educational programmes lasting less than three months. The requirements are straightforward, and the visa can be three, six, or twelve months. You can use it if you need a temporary extension of another substantive visa, such as a student visa, which is about to expire. Contact a migration agent in Perth if you want to discuss your visa application.

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