Different Reasons for Which Visa Application In Australia Can Be Refused

Different Reasons for Which Visa Application In Australia Can Be Refused

Department of Immigration could have numerous reasons in order to refuse your visa application. It is a good thing that they should elucidate in their statement the reasons for which the visa was refused. Examples of the reasons for which a visa has been refused are:

(1) You failed to meet the requirements of your preceding visa. It is significant how you behaved in the past. When you apply for a new visa, the department will consider your preceding visas. And they will refuse your new visa if they doubt that you will make the same mistakes again. It is better to admit openly that you apologize and it will not happen again; there is a chance that they will believe you.

(2) You did not offer sufficient information to confirm your claims that you made in the application. If you simply say that you possess 200,000 AUD, it will not denote that you really have it. You need to verify that by giving your bank statement or some other document that would show that these funds are accessible to you.

(3) You fell short of meeting health or character requirements in Australia. This is really a difficult one. You are not aware of the outcomes of Health Assessment, they are. However, given that you have submitted an onshore application it may be possible for you to request MRT (Merits Review Tribunal) for review.

(4) You provided the incorrect information or made a bogus claim in your application. In case you have lied, there is not much to describe here. But it would be a different thing if you did not know that you were giving incorrect information and there could a possibility to win a case of MRT.

The above are merely some frequent issues people face when they make an application for an Australian visa.  There are more things than that. It will be a smart action for you to contact Migration Agent Perth Free Consultation for help if there is any doubt that your application is comprehensive and free of errors. If your visa has already been refused, Migration Agent Perth will be able to consider your state of affairs and deal with the Department of Immigration or MRT if everything is not lost yet.

If you have your visa refused or canceled, you can possibly get the decision reviewed by a merits review tribunal, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). But all decisions cannot be reviewed by the AAT. For instance, if the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection personally make a decision to refuse or cancel your visa under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958, you will not be able to apply to get a decision reviewed by the AAT.

From 1 July 2015, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has been the sole merits review tribunal that can make a decision on your case. The AAT is an organization that is independent and reviews government decisions.

If you need help with your visa, please do not hesitate to contact us to book a consultation.

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