Quick Guide on Application for Australian Citizenship

Quick Guide on Application for Australian Citizenship

Getting Australian citizenship means Australia is your home now and you are ready to fulfill your responsibilities as a member of the Australian community.

A person who wants to become an Australian citizen needs to apply for citizenship through a process. The process varies depending on the application requirements, the general process is here for your help.

Eligibility: You need to check your eligibility to apply for your application type, which includes that you are a permanent resident, meet the residence requirements, and are of good character.

Documents: Original documents proving your identity, showing you are of a good character, and supporting your eligibility need to be provided by you. Documents not in English need to be translated. Certified copies of all the required documents need to be attached to your application.

Apply: With necessary documents and the appropriate fee, you need to complete and lodge an application for your citizenship

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Appointment: An appointment for a citizenship test or interview will be done. Authorities will invite you for the test or interview and make a decision about your application. They will also advise you of the outcome. Your application may be refused if you don’t attend your appointment.

Ceremony: If your application for citizenship gets approved, you will receive an invitation for citizenship ceremony, make the Australian Citizenship pledge and you will be a citizen of Australia.

For Children

In normal cases, children under 16 years of age are included in a responsible parent’s citizenship application form but in some circumstances, they can apply on their own.

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Citizenship Application Type

Generally, three types of Australian citizenship application is there; Conferral, Descent, and Evidence. If you are applying for citizenship by conferral then you have to be in Australia when applying for citizenship because of residency requirements and the requirement to be in the country when a decision on your application is carried out. If you are applying for citizenship by descent, adoption, or resumption, you can apply from inside or outside Australia.

You can also take help from a migration agent for the complete procedure. Migration agent Perth are registered migration agents who can provide you advice on the requirements, help you to complete and lodge the application for citizenship and deal with the departments in any kind of problem. Using migration agents provides you protection as they are aware of the new laws and procedures and the overall process of the application becomes much easier with their help.

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