Discover The Benefits Of 189 Visa Permanent Residency In Australia

Discover The Benefits Of 189 Visa Permanent Residency In Australia

Australia welcomes skilled immigrants and businesses, with the highest number of invitations distributed in recent months. The primary route for those wishing to immigrate to Australia is by the general skilled migration (GSM) program, which accounts for the most permanent visas awarded to Australian citizens.


Skilled independent visa subclass 189 is one of the general skilled migration visas. The minimum point required for 189 visas is 65 for applicants to move to the invitation round.  A minimum of 85 points is essential for some of the more well-known jobs, including accountant, civil engineer, and computer network engineer.

Those with the highest scores are invited first to apply for the 189 visa, and those with equal scores are invited in the order in which they earned that score on their EOI.

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Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

For skilled foreign workers not sponsored by an Australian employer, a family member, a state or territory, or any other entity, there is the Australian Skilled-Independent visa (Subclass 189) available. A person with an Australian skilled independent subclass 189 points tested may reside and conduct business there forever. It is possible to list certain family members on the visa application.

Benefits Of An Australia 189 Visa

The advantages of an Australian 189 visa are as follows:

  • The visa allows people to stay and work in Australia for an ambiguous time.
  • Travelling and submitting an application for admission to any Australian university are both possible with this visa.
  • Visa holders are legally permitted to pick up their relatives.
  • Children of Australian PR visa holders who are under the age of 18 may enrol for free.
  • Profit in the anticipation of gaining advantages from additional medical services
  • Motivate a qualified relative to find a permanent home
  • Receive regular savings advantages or instalments.
  • Submit an application for Australian citizenship after five years.

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Eligibility Criteria For Visa Subclass 189

You must meet the following eligibility standards to apply for visa subclass 189:

  • You must have three years of significant work experience in one of the professions on the Australia Skilled Occupations List
  • You must have the allocated specialist conduct an aptitude evaluation to demonstrate that they possess the necessary skills to operate in Australia.
  • You must receive 65 to 75 points in the focuses-based evaluation.
  • You must be older than 18 and younger than 50 while receiving the welcome.
  • You must meet the minimum 189 visa English requirement by getting the required score in PTE/IELTS
  • You are welcome to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and to apply for the visa.
  • You must provide exceptional character authentication and medical freedom under Australian standards.

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The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa Application

Three quick phases are there for the application process for a skilled independent visa, which the concerned candidate must complete to obtain the subclass 189 visa within the allotted time.

Your occupation for subclass 189 must be on this list, and this list is for you to submit a legitimate application for this visa category.  The process for subclass 189 application is as follows:


The Department of Home Affairs will conduct a review which will consider the applicant’s educational background and appropriate employment experience. The responsible government determines that the candidate is qualified to do the applied employment in one or more Australian states following the review.

Step 2:

After receiving approval for their application for a skilled independent visa subclass 189 following a favourable aptitude assessment, the candidate must submit an Expression of Interest in a relevant Skillset. It can be done whether in or outside Australia.

Step 3: 

It is the last stage, where the applicant receives a pass of invitation to apply after fulfilling 189 visa conditions and can submit a visa application through the DOHA (Department Of Health Australia) stage. The department will assess the applicant’s health. A favourable certificate will be provided to enable them to enter Australia lawfully based on their health circumstances.

An 189 visa presently costs AUD4,045 for the primary applicant. You can pay the 189 visa fee through online mode.

The 189 visa processing time it takes to process might change based on several variables, including your unique situation and how complicated your case is. The processing time for an 189 visa typically takes 8 to 10 months.


Skilled Independent Visa 189 can help you immigrate to Australia through a General Skilled Migration Program.

Whether or not a person lives in Australia, they can apply for a skilled independent visa. Due to unique circumstances and 189 visa requirements, processing timelines may vary greatly, and each application is evaluated individually.

You can increase your chances of success by receiving the proper guidance and support. However, applying for an 189 visa might be difficult.

Candidates who want to apply for either stream of visa 189 but don’t know how to do so may consult a migration agent in Perth, WA. The candidates can get assistance from these advisors by filling out the visa application forms. They may also assist the applicants in obtaining Australian permanent residency.

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