Australia Permanent Residency – Getting Australia PR In 2024

Australia Permanent Residency – Getting Australia PR In 2024

Immigrating to Australia can be ideal if you intend to relocate there. Australia has been a more well-liked option for people looking to move there permanently. Given Australia’s strong economy, superior healthcare and education systems, and high standard of living, it’s no surprise that many people are moving there. If you are among those who would like to apply for Australia PR, you must be aware of the prerequisites and qualifying conditions. 

Australia Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency

A non-citizen’s right to live, work, and study in Australia indefinitely is permanent residency. While PR in Australia does not confer the same rights and benefits as citizenship, it does provide an individual with many of the entitlements and advantages of an Australian citizen. It covers the capacity to work, visit the school, receive healthcare benefits, and even sponsor family members to move in.

Having a permanent residency in Australia is like having a golden ticket to an endless existence. Having the status indicates that you are a member of the Australian populace and way of life. It’s your chance to fit in, show off your culture, and make enduring memories with your neighbours and friends.

A permanent residency in Australia provides doors to life as rich and varied as the country itself, whether your reason for visiting is its beaches, employment prospects, or feeling of community. It is an embrace from a nation willing to welcome you with open arms rather than just a status.

You can experience the same high standards of life as everyone else in Australia with PR, including equal access to healthcare, education, and other services. With the employment privileges of permanent residence, you may advance Australia’s development and forge a fulfilling professional path.

Benefits of an Australia Permanent Resident Visa:

  • Live and work in the nation
  • You can bring your family.
  • Your children receive free schooling up until a particular age.
  • Relatives can be sponsored for permanent residence status.
  • Benefits for your family’s health and employment

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The Difference Between A Permanent Resident And An Australian Citizen

Most citizens have the following rights and entitlements, but there are several distinctions between citizens and permanent residents:

  • While a permanent resident who decides to travel abroad must ensure they have a valid permanent visa with travel authorization to return to Australia, citizens have automatic entrance rights into the country.
  • Elections for the Australian government are open to citizens. Permanent residents are often not allowed to vote, but they can still be able to if they are British subjects and registered to vote before 1984.
  • The government department that oversees the policy for the service or benefit determines who is eligible for Australian government services and benefits, including citizens and non-citizens. 

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Rules For Permanent Residency In Australia Regarding Immigration

Depending on the immigration program, You must meet the following Australian PR requirements to be eligible for permanent residency in Australia:

  • The age limit for those who want to live there permanently based on a workstream is 45.
  • Most permanent residence schemes require applicants to submit an English language proficiency certificate.
  • A Master’s or PhD degree is required of applicants (for research work focused).
  • When applying, candidates must provide proof of sponsorship (for sponsor visas).
  • Applicants must have a spouse or de facto partner living in Australia for the family stream migration scheme.
  • Applicants may apply for permanent residence through the retirement visa pathway if they are too old to apply for the work-based migration program.

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Australian Visas That Lead To Permanent Residency

You can get Australia permanent residency by obtaining one of the following visas:

Family Visa

  • Partner visa subclass 100
  • Partner visa subclass 801
  • Partner visa subclass 103
  • Contributory parent visa subclass 143
  • Contributory aged parent visa
  • Aged dependent relative visa
  • Child visa
  • Adoption visa subclass 102
  • Carer visa
  • Remaining relative visa
  • Orphan relative visa subclass 117, 837

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Work Visa

  • Skilled regional visa subclass 887, 189, 191
  • Skilled nominated visa subclass 190
  • Regional-sponsored migrant scheme visa subclass 187
  • Employer-sponsored visa subclass 186 

Business And Investment Visa

  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 888
  • Business Owner visa subclass 890
  • Business talent visa subclass 132

Other Visas

  • Global Special Humanitarian Visa subclass 202
  • Protection Visa subclass 866
  • Refugee Visa
  • Distinguished Talent Visa subclass 124
  • Global Talent Visa subclass 858

Apply For An Australia Permanent Residency Visa

You must follow the below-mentioned steps to obtain a permanent visa Australia:

Choose Your Visa Type

You must choose the visa category that results in permanent resident status before applying for an Australian permanent visa (see below). If you are applying on paper, you can select the appropriate form for your Australia PR application or choose the type of visa in your ImmiAccount.

Examine The Conditions For Every Kind Of Visa.

You will need to fulfil different requirements based on your visa application. All applications for permanent visas must, however, meet the Australia permanent residency requirements for character and health.

Put The Documents Together

After meeting the criteria for Australia PR eligibility, you must gather documents in one place.

Now, Get all the necessary paperwork together you’ll need to send in with your visa application. These will be included in all visa application forms, but be sure to adhere to the Immigration Office’s criteria for the papers (translation, certification, etc.).

The documents required for completing your visa application are as follows:

  • National identity card
  • Duly updated valid passport
  • PR visa application form
  • Recently clicked passport-sized photograph
  • Certified Recipient Form (if relevant)
  • Evidence of fee payment
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Civil Court Records
  • Evidence of Sound Financial Position
  • Health insurance
  • A Formal invitation (if any)
  • Moral behavior certification.
  • Signed value statement

Make A Visa Application

Finally, you can apply for Australian PR. You have the option of submitting an online or paper application. However, online applications are processed more quickly.

The processing of permanent residency in Australia usually takes ten to twelve months. Your total amount of points determines how quickly your visa will be processed.

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The Cost Of Permanent Residency In Australia

You must pay the prescribes fee to complete Australia PR process. Depending on the kind of visa you are initially seeking, permanent visas have different costs:

  • Fee for Family Stream Permanent (Partner) Visa: AUD 7,715 (subclass 801).
  • Business Stream Permanent Visas: AUD 2,450–2,950 for subclasses 888, 893, and 891.

A permanent visa obtained through a work-stream migration program may cost varying amounts depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant. Additionally, there are several work visa streams, and the cost may fluctuate according to the type of visa you are requesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time May A Permanent Resident Remain Outside Australia?

For five years, permanent residents are granted unrestricted travel within and outside Australia. The travel facility expires after five years. You can’t return if you depart Australia before that time.

Can I Obtain Permanent Residency Without First Obtaining A Temporary Visa?

Before you apply for a permanent visa, you will often need to hold a provisional visa in the same immigration category. You must, however, apply for both the temporary and permanent resident visas concurrently for specific family stream visa types. For instance, since your temporary visa will let you live freely in Australia while your permanent visa is being processed, you can apply for both your permanent visa (subclass 801) and temporary partner visa (subclass 820).

Should I Renew My Visa For Permanent Residence In Australia?

It is not the permanent visa that needs to be renewed but rather the travel privileges linked to it. Depending on how long you have been a resident of Australia, you have multiple choices for extending your travel policy. You can do this through the visa subclasses 155 and 157 (return resident visa).

Can I Become Disqualified From Australia’s Permanent Residency?

Your permanent residency in Australia can’t be revoked. However, there are a few situations in which you may risk losing your permanent resident status.

You can lose your permanent residence if you are not in the relationship as when you applied for a family stream permanent visa. Furthermore, you risk losing your permanent visa if you break the character requirements of being a permanent resident.

Every case is examined thoroughly. However, Without a compelling reason, your status as a permanent resident can’t be withdrawn.


Permanent residents adore Australia because it is a welcoming haven where people cherish their quality of life. You can participate in this harmonious fusion of city living and Australia’s natural sanctuary as a permanent resident. The country’s high-quality infrastructure makes things more accessible and user-friendly. Glistening metropolises coexist peacefully with natural marvels, fostering a positive relationship between the magnificence of the natural world and the efficiency of urban living.

The most tempting aspect of permanent residency in Australia may be the job prospects that come with it. Compared to temporary visas, Australia PR gives foreign nationals access to steady work and opportunity.

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