7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visas In 2023 Are Refused Or Rejected?

7 Reasons Australian Tourist Visas In 2023 Are Refused Or Rejected?

Immigration laws and regulations have an imperative impact on a country’s safety. Therefore, if you break the visa regulations, the immigration department will reject your visitor visa application.

Insufficient supporting information or documentation proving your eligibility to travel to the desired location is the main reason for a visa being denied. It will not only ruin your joy but also your chances of getting a visitor visa.

It’s critical to remember that a visa denial does not necessarily spell the end of your aspirations to immigrate. You may still be able to migrate depending on why your application failed for a visa. You can also reapply for a visitor visa. An experienced migration agent can help you overcome these reasons and lodge an error-free visa application.

Here, we’ll examine the typical causes of these denials and discuss how to prevent them from getting your visa approved.

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Reasons For Rejection Of Tourist Visa

Visa refusal is rejecting your appeal by the embassy consulate or high commission for entering another country. They offer the pertinent justifications for the visa denial, which can enable you to correct the error in subsequent visa applications. Apart from missing documents or information, there are several other reasons, like non-compliance with the Australian tourist visa requirements. The reasons for a visitor visa refusal are as follows:

1. Selection Of The Wrong Visitor Visa Type

Australia offers some types of visitor visas Australia, each with a set of conditions. The use of the incorrect application type is a frequent cause of rejection. If your primary objective is to study for more than three months, you should apply for a student visa (subclass 500), not a guest visa (subclass 600). Read the description carefully because a Work and Holiday visa and Working Holiday visa are different. 

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2. Visa Policy And Application Process Violations

Every immigration department has robust internal regulations that control the paperwork requirements and visa approval. You risk having your visa denied if any supporting documents are inconsistent or don’t adhere to the norms and regulations.

Therefore, before requesting a visa, always check the embassy’s website and the traveling guidelines of a nation. All of your documentation is carefully examined and verified by the authority. If any supporting documents are fake, the visa will be rejected immediately.

The inability of the embassy authority to check documents filed in regional languages renders them meaningless.

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3. Negligence In Responding Or Submitting Additional Information

The visa application procedure involves more than simply fulfilling the requirements and accurately completing the form. While the visa is being processed, the Department of Home Affairs frequently contacts an applicant and requests further paperwork or information. The applicant must react as quickly as feasible and within the advised window. You may face visa rejection If the supplementary documents if you don’t supply on the due date. Additional documentation is frequently needed. If you don’t submit the documents on timeThe visa application can be declined. We advised getting guidance on your application before submitting it to prevent being approached for more details or papers.

4. Not Meeting Character Requirements.

You must have a decent moral character to apply for a tourist visa in Australia and reside there. You must demonstrate good character and pass the character test.

The character requirements are laid up in Section 501 of the Migration Act of 1958. They aid in determining your moral character for the Department of Home Affairs.

There is a slight possibility that you can’t meet the character criteria. These consist of the following:

  1. You have a significant criminal history.

You were found guilty of breaking out of immigration detention, or you were found guilty of a crime you committed:

  1. while detained by immigration
  2. during an immigration detention escape
  3. before being placed back in immigration custody following an escape
  4. You are or have been affiliated with a person, organisation, or organisation that the Minister has a solid suspicion is engaged in criminal activity, or you have been a member of that group or organisation.
  5. Whether or not you have been found guilty of such an act, the Minister has a reasonable suspicion that you have participated in human smuggling, human trafficking, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, acts of sexual slavery or torture, or international crimes.
  6. You don’t have moral integrity, as evidenced by your criminal background or general behavior.

While visiting Australia, there is a chance that you might:

  1. commit a criminal offence
  2. stalking, threatening, or molestation of another person
  3. denounce a section of the Australian population
  4. stir the Australian population, or a portion of it, to violence
  5. be either a threat to or a part of the Australian community.
  6. You are the subject of an adverse security assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation if you have been convicted, found guilty, or charged with one or more sexual offences involving minors.
  7. You are the subject of an Interpol alert, which leads one to believe that you pose a risk to the entire Australian population or at least a portion of it.
  8. You now have a domestic violence order against you or have ever been the subject of one

5. Absence Of Evidence

A lack of evidence frequently causes an Australian visitor visa refusal. You must satisfy all eligibility conditions to be granted a visitor visa.

  1. You should have the financial means to fund your trip to Australia. As an option, you might have a sponsor who could provide you with the money you need.
  2. You must show that you are an actual tourist who will finish your journey in Australia.
  3. When submitting your application, you should offer enough proof for your assertions. Your visa application will be turned down if you can’t show evidence.

6. Examine Your Financial Requirements.

You should have enough money saved to pay your expenses while visiting Australia. You should provide proof such as prior bank statements, audited accounts, paystubs, credit card limits, and tax returns. Because of insufficient financial support, the Department of Home Affairs may reject your application. So you must attach all the necessary documents with your visa application to apply for a visitor visa subclass 600.

7. Failure To Meet Health Requirements

All visa applicants should achieve the required health standards because the Australian government is stringent about the public’s health and well-being.

  1. You must be free of any illness or medical condition for extensive volunteer work or high medical expenses.
  2. You shouldn’t have any illnesses that could endanger Australians’ daily lives.
  3. You might be required to undergo particular medical exams, the outcomes of which will be reviewed by a MOC. The MOC will tell the Immigration Department if your medical condition is determined to be severe.
  4. Threaten the general public’s health,
  5. Generate considerable costs for community service or medical care
  6. Increase demand for community services or medical care in areas where there is a lack of those services.

What Can You Do To Prevent Australian Tourist Visa Rejection And Refusal?

You should generally be aware of the reasons for visa rejection to restrain refusal or rejection. You must be extremely careful to follow all rules and regulations, provide the required documentation, and keep all differences to a minimum when applying for a visa. The actions are:

  1. Check out the instructions on the embassy’s website.
  2. Read the instructions and then submit the online form.
  3. No section or column should be empty. To give the correct information, heed the directions provided in the relevant section.
  4. Include legal documentation.
  5. Maintain sufficient funds in your account.
  6. Clearly state why you want to visit, remain, and leave the country.
  7. Do not make grammatical or spelling errors.
  8. As soon as you have the opportunity, apply.
  9. Complete the appropriate visa application processes.
  10. Some critical factors to consider are your bank account balance, travel insurance, income tax obligations, legal situation, health, and medical status.

Steps To Take On Your Visitor Visa Rejection

Those who applied but had their visa application denied have other choices. The possible action is to file an appeal. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) can evaluate the appeal within a prescribed time. The AAT can reverse a decision and return it to the Department of home affairs for reconsideration. You might be qualified to apply for another visa depending on the situation. If your visa application is denied, you should consider the following inquiries:

  1. Why did the Department decide to reject or revoke your visa?
  2. What justifications or foundations led to this decision?
  3. You will only have a certain amount of time to apply for a new visa if you are qualified if your initial application is denied while you are in Australia.


You must ensure that you give the authorities your proof of income and a bank statement proving that you have enough money to cover expenses while traveling if you don’t want your visitor visa application to be rejected or denied.

Knowing the cause can help you stop making the same errors and begin putting together the new application. If you provide accurate information and comprehensive documents, the case officer will get satisfied that your case has enough merit to warrant the acceptance of your visa.

A Registered Migration Agent in Perth is the individual who can assist you in obtaining helpful results. Professionals with experience and qualifications fully understand the application process and can even update you on visa developments.


Refusal rate for Visitor (Tourist) visa in Australia?

The visitor visa refusal rate has seen a notable increase, with the overall approval rate dropping from 91.6% in 2022 to 85.8% in 2023. This translates to over 460,000 visa applications being refused during the specified period.

What is the most common visa rejection?

Visa rejections often occur due to incomplete or inaccurate travel information provided by applicants. To avoid such issues, ensure you provide the immigration department with comprehensive details including: the countries you intend to visit and the duration of your stay, along with the specific timings of your travel plans.


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