5 Tips to Get a Successful Partner Visa Australia in 2023!

5 Tips to Get a Successful Partner Visa Australia in 2023!

Australia is one of the best countries to live and work and plenty of people migrate there. While going to Australia, partners of the applicants can also apply for the partner visa. Consistently large number of applicants apply for a partner visa with the expectation of being joined with their accomplice in Australia. Sometimes the visa gets rejected and the applications get dismissed and the candidates can’t recognize the reasons.

Some reasons why an Australian Partner Visa Application might Get Dismissed:

  • Not ready to give adequate relationship proof.
  • Incapable to characterize family and relationship responsibilities.
  • Presenting the record with mistakes or wrong information.
  • Not ready to finish the person’s assessment.
  • Not adding the children’s details.
  • Giving incorrect information. 
  • Failing the charter test. 

These can be some reasons that can lead to the partner visa Perth rejection. It is important for you to give correct information and documentation to the Department of Home Affairs.

However, you can avoid the visa reflection with these simple tips. Try to follow the tips while applying for an Australian partner Visa!

Choose the Correct Visa Type:

Choosing the correct partner visa according to the requirements and eligibility is a must. If you don’t choose the correct visa and apply for the wrong one, it can lead to rejection. Basically there are two types of partner visa you should know about. 

Offshore Partner Visa:

This partner visa Perth is for those couples who are not living in Australia. When the visa is granted, you can enter Australia and become a resident in Australia. 

Onshore Partner Visa: 

This is a visa for those candidates who are living in Australia while applying for the partner visa. The advantage of this visa is that the candidate can stay in Australia during the process of visa approval while holding a bridging visa.

In these two cases, you can submit an application for both a temporary and a permanent partner visa. You can choose the correct visa according to your location and then apply for the spouse visa Perth.

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Do your research for the requirements, eligibility, and other facts:

When you met your partner, you must haven’t thought that soon you will be applying for a partner visa. However, if you are at the point where you want to apply for one, you should fill the partner visa application form correctly. 

For instance, if you are not married and want to go along with your partner, you will need to explain that.  You should show that you have been in a true connection with your partner for at least a year. You will need to provide relation documents asked by the Australian government. You will need to share details of you are socially known as a couple, and you have shared living game plans while applying for partner visa Perth.

If you are not qualified or given insufficient proof of your relationship, then you can be in danger of losing your partner visa application Perth. 

Prepare the verified documents:

The first thing to take care of when applying for a partner visa application is to gather all the required documents. If you fulfill all of the visa standards for submitting documents, you will be far from visa rejection. You will need to submit the proof that your relationship is authentic and show the span of your relationship. 

The case official will search for proof that you meet every one of the requirements. Hence it will be a good choice to give proof of your common funds and social photograph.

Supporting explanations from your loved ones and friends are additionally significant. These ought to be made by individuals that have known you for at least 2 years, and can verify your relationship. This will show that you are known as a serious couple to your loved ones.

Here is a list of basic documents that you should check while applying for a partner visa application Perth. 

  • Passport with copy of page for all dependents 
  • Full Birth Certificate of the applicant 
  • Family book (where relevant)
  • Marriage Certificate (If you are married)
  • Joint lease agreement
  • Joint property ownership documents
  • Utility bills showing your joint names
  • Photos of your home
  • Joint bank accounts details 

Get advice from a Migration agent:

You might be thinking about how a migration agent can help me or who is a migration agent? 

A migration agent is a team of experts and professionals who help you out with your visa application, process, and other visa related queries. 

Each relationship is unique and all the applications the embassy receives will have its own specific necessities and proof. If you are not sure about your application or the document list,  it would be advantageous to look for the help of an immigration agent Perth. 

The agent will do qualification evaluation, audit your documentation and deal with the whole visa process for you. Isn’t this great? 

Do not provide false information:

Trust and honesty is the best thing to do but sometimes some applications get rejected because of small reasons or for providing false documents. While applying for spouse visa Perth, applicants forget this and submit wrong or false data and certificates.  

When you apply for the visa, check everything about your application is true and valid. Present all the valid data along with the correctly filled application form. If you will not provide any false information, chances of getting the partner visa Perth approved will automatically increase. 


If you are going to apply for a partner visa Australia soon, you might need to take care of these points. These tips will help you out through the visa process and your chances of getting a visa will increase. 

However, while applying, you can get confused and if you require further assistance migration agents are the ones to choose. The migration agent Perth owns an expert team of immigration agents who are experts in their field. They will help you with the visa application, queries, requirements, document checklist, and much more. You can book a consultation for assistance and get hassle free experience. 

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