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Partner Visa

What is Partner Visa?

Also known by the name of Spouse Visa, Partner Visa is formed to keep the non-residential individuals in connection with the Australian citizen. This program includes the relationship of fiancee, spouse or a close family member of an Australian citizen. Basically, it is related to those who are married or are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Options for Australian Partner Visa:

Mainly there are 2 options available in applying for Australian Partner Visas that are:

Prospective Marriage: It has a nine month validity period.

Spouse Visas It includes marriage and application of which is to be lodged in Australia.

Who are eligible for the Partner Visa?
  • One who lives in Australia with his/her spouse is eligible for Partner Visa.
  • One who study in Australia and he/she depends upon government funding for this activity.
  • One who works in Australia is also eligible.
  • One who access Medicare also comes under it.

If you are looking for any additional details regarding Partner Visa Australia, then do contact us and enjoy unlimited services and beneficial guidance.

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Situations necessary for applying for Partner Visa:

  • Case1: If you are partner or spouse of an Australian citizen.
  • Case2: If you are a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Case3: If you are a New Zealand citizen, then you are eligible for a spouse visa.

Requirements for Partner Visa?

  • To qualify for the Partner Visa, a person needs to live with his/her partner for a period of at least 12 months from the date of applying for the same.
  • The applicant needs to stay in Australia at the time, the visa is granted.
  • There should be a valid evidence to support the application for the spouse visa. It's better if you show something more than a Prospective Marriage Visa application. In short, you are required to give a legal proof of your marriage or an evidence of a mutual commitment.
  • You also have to meet the requirements of health and character by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

In case of assessing your relationship, the department of Immigration will look at four things:

  • Your financial condition and how it manages your relationship.
  • The nature of your household and activities related to it.
  • How your relationship goes socially.
  • How much both of you are committed to each other.

On most of the occasions, the officials don't enquire much as they find the documentation satisfactory and confirms the relationship genuine. Somehow, problems may arise regarding the health or character issue or in case, your original visa has expired.

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Partner Visa Processing Time

The current processing time for the application of Spouse visa is probably of 12 months which comes under subclasses 300 & 309 and also of 8 months which is under subclass 100. Although the time period is not fixed in every time, it may vary from case to case.
In relation to further Information, feel free to contact the Migration Agent Perth for their effective services anytime.