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457 Visa

What is 457 Visa?

In simple words, this type of visa is commonly used in Australia by overseas employees and workers who are not the citizens of the country but staying there for a period of time in regards to job purpose or any other reason only.

These visas are available in two forms i.e.

1. Business sponsorship: This is in relation to business purpose.

2. Self-sponsorship: This is for the sake of self-purpose.

In short, these visas fulfil the motive of temporary stay for a long time in a different country of which you are not the permanent resident.

What this visa lets you do?
Here are few reasons why you should apply for this visa!
  • The other visas let you only visit a particular country like a tourist only, but the 457 visa let you take a tour of the country like a fully-fledged member of the Australian community.
  • The 457 visa gives you the authority of more than a visitor, so you can have the glimpse of the beauty of the country more internally.
  • Through this visa, you get to explore the Australian culture very closely and make good friends over there.
  • You can also make good money as you can work under this visa and earn up to thousands of dollars per annum.

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Who Gets the 457 Visa?

To be eligible for the 457 VISA, you need to qualify the following list of things:

  • You must have the right skills, qualifications, and experience for the nominal position in another country.
  • You should meet the English language requirements.
  • You should be able to obtain a license or registration to carry out work and other activities related to multiple jobs in Australia.
  • You should arrange the health insurance certificate too.

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Requirements for 457 Visa

There are various requirements attached to 457 visa, for both the sponsor and the applicant. Some of the points are:

  • Visa health insurance is one of the important requirements for the approval of 457 visa. It is necessary because an appropriate health insurance policy provides you enough cover regarding any issue in Australia.
  • For some applicants, meeting the English requirements can prove to be a great threat. You should clear the listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in that.
  • There is an exemption in the health insurance rule, if you are an applicant from a country that has reciprocal healthcare arrangements with Australia, then you are eligible to apply for medical cover through a conversation with your Migration agent.

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457 Visa Processing Time

There is no exact time mentioned for the 457 visa processing as there are numerous factors attached to it, like the time of the year in which you are applying, 457 visa application fee etc.
But generally, 10 - 14-week period is required in the case of most of the clients which include Nomination and Sponsorship approval times also. But this should not be the ultimate processing time as it all depends upon circumstances.

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