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187 Visa

What is 187 Visa?

The 187 visa is a permanent visa for the skilled workers who wish to work in regional Australia. It enables you to work in Australia under some streams like the direct entry stream, temporary residence transition stream and the agreement stream. Migration Agent Perth will talk to you in detail regarding the 187 visa and assist you in all the possible ways regarding the procurement of the 187 visa.

The 187 Visa comprises of three streams:

1. The temporary residence transition stream is for those visa holders who have been for 2 years and have got a subclass 457 visa in the similar occupation with their nominating employer who wants to provide them a permanent position in that occupation.

2. The Direct Entry stream is meant for

  • people who have been nominated by their employer under the direct entry stream
  • those people who have not worked in Australia
  • temporary residents who do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

3. The Agreement stream is meant for subclass 457 visa holders who have been nominated under a labour agreement. You may call to schedule an appointment with the Migration Agents in Perth regarding the 187 visa queries.

To know more contact to Migration Agent Perth about the 187 visa and they will guide you through the 187 visa process.

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Who Gets the 187 Visa?

  • The 187 visa is for the visa holders who have been there for two years.
  • The direct entry stream is for the people who have been nominated by an Australian employer for a job in regional Australia and is younger than fifty years of age.
  • The one who has the much needed skills and qualifications for the position that you have been nominated for and you need to possess compulsory registration or some professional membership.
  • One needs to possess proper English language skills for the temporary residence transition stream and also the direct entry stream till you get the exemption
  • You have to meet the character and health requirements
  • One has to meet the requirements of the stream in which you apply for

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Requirements for 187 Visa


1. Age requirements

  • In case you are more than fifty years of age, you may apply for this visa in case you are
  • nominated as a senior academic by an Australian university
  • nominated as a researcher, scientist or a technical expert at skill level one or two by a scientific government agency in Australia
  • You may get the 187 visa if you are a medical practitioner who has worked in the nominated occupation as a holder of a temporary work visa for four years prior to applying.

2. English Language requirements

  • You may exhibit that your English is appropriate by providing some proof at the time of the application in order to accomplish the minimum English language test score for the temporary
  • Residence Transition stream or the direct entry stream that you are applying for in a test that is conducted within three years of lodging your application.

3. Health Requirements

  • You have to meet some specific health requirements.
  • The results of your health examinations are valid for 12 months
  • This is applicable to all the members of your family unit that are present in your application.
  • You need to get your health exams organized prior to the lodging of your application.

4. Character Requirements

  • You need to meet some of the character requirements.
  • You need to give a police certificate from each nation that you have resided for 12 months.
  • . This is applicable to you and all your family members who are listed in your application irrespective of the fact that they are migrating or not.

187 Visa Processing Time

The citizenship processing and the global visa processing times will be updated monthly and give you a stipulated timeframe for the application processing.
The times of processing are accessible for many of the visa subclasses and also the citizenship products. The times for processing may be exhibited and show how long it takes to make 75 and 90 percent applications finalized and given all over the world.
The processing times are affected every month by some of the alterations in the application volumes, complicated cases and applications that are not complete. The processing times include the applications that are lodged online and by paper. You need to lodge your application online as it assists in streamlining the processing arrangements.

Factors that impact the 187 Visa processing times

  • We evaluate the applications on the basis of case to case. The real processing times may differ because of some personal circumstances and those include
  • if you have lodged a complete application and that will be inclusive of all the relevant supporting documents
  • This will also include how you can respond to any of the requests for some extra information
  • It will also depend on how long it takes to do the much needed checks on the supporting information given
  • It will include how long it takes to get extra information from the external agencies with respect to character, health and national security requirements